The choice of whether to wear a uniform or not to depends on a few variables. Work wear and uniforms distinguish employees from customers and are a direct correlation to the image of the company. In today’s competitive business world, it’s all about image and branding. Uniforms help you look the part but can also be a requirement based on company policy or safety regulations. Great outfits that suit your company and your employees are a morale booster, enhance comfort, and help set the mood of your organization.

Today, we’re here to layout the guidelines for how to choose your next order of branded workwear that will best benefit your company and your workers.

Fit the Workplace 

Keep in mind the work environment and the vibe of the workplace. Think about the interiors or exteriors of the workplace as well as colours of the brand. Let the work wear become a cohesive part of the environment. Make sure you consider safety requirements of each job and how required garments and gear suit your workplace as well.

Know Your Employees 

Design workwear that will complement your workforce with pieces or an outfit that they will enjoy. Today’s work environment can often be more relaxed, but consider your employees and their comfort levels and their attitude toward workwear. Take the entire workforce into consideration in terms of physical capabilities, age, current trends, etc. 

Suit the Job 

Different jobs require different outfits and sometimes different levels of protection. Pieces and whole outfits need to have a practical design. Excellent quality and simplicity must be a priority to ensure the comfort of employees no matter their physical expectations on duty. Consider differentiation between different job titles as well if you’re looking to make hierarchies or sections apparent.

Consider Variation

Not every employee or job position in your company is the same. Consider adding various colours, fits, and styles to your order to accommodate appropriately. This will help ensure cohesive looks that make everyone happy!

Good Supplier, Sturdy Garments 

Maintenance of your items is also crucial. To take care of the wear and tear aspect, get in touch with the right supplier. A reliable supplier will ensure good quality materials and decoration and can help you decipher what items to choose based on what your company needs.

Asking employees to wear distinctive work wear can go a long way. Crisp uniforms for the workplace promote a brand in the best way. Proper branded work wear shows that you care for your company’s standards and your employees’ comfort. Wearing distinguishable work wear can help build trust and loyalty by enhancing the perceived value of your employees’ workmanship. To top it off, uniforms can help to distinguish your brand from your competitors if done right!

Your budget, end goals, and items required on the job play a crucial role in deciding the basics of a work wear order. Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of reps with knowledge about work wear pieces and decoration options to help relieve the stress of ordering. We’re happy to help you weigh your options and make a selection so that your next company order is a breeze! Choose from polos, jackets, gloves, head ware, and more with decorations like screen printing, embroidery, patches, or anything else that suits your fancy! Give us a call now to get started!