What do you need for your bachelorette or “stagette” party as some like to call it? Of course, you will need the bride How to Order Custom Stagette Tees and Whyto be ready since the party is for her; you may also want to call on a professional stripper service if you plan on making it a night to remember. Some alcohol might be involved as well as some sweet treats in naughty shapes.

All these, plus a lot of good humor, should make it a night to remember but if you really want to make sure that no one forgets the party and the world knows what you are about, you may want to have some stagette tees you can give away to the party-goers.

Stagette Tees – A New Trend

 Stagette Tees – A New TrendA stagette party is a grand event because you are helping your friend at good bye to single hood. It has to be a big bash and this is why stagette tees have become all the rage.  After all, brides are made to wear veils or badges to tell the world she is the bride but one way to really make it clear is to have a stagette tee made especially for her and the other girls in the party.

More and more women are opting for these tees because not only do they look good—they are perfect for the event. If you too would like your own tees, you have several ways to get them.

  • Print your own. If you have the time, the skill, and patience, you may always make your own tees. You can go to any craft store and buy studs, paint, ribbons, and whatnots to make the shirts. This is a time-consuming process however and results are not always guaranteed specially in the hands of an amateur.
  • Buy RTW. There are some stores that are joining in on the stagette tees trend so they print their own and sell them. Now this is a great idea since you do not have to do any of the actual work; you just go in and buy the shirts you like. However, one downside to this is that you might not like the designs they offer and they might Order custom teesnot have enough for you and your party. It would be sad if you had mismatched shirts for such a special event.
  • Order custom tees. Now this is one way of procuring the tees that most people can get behind. What is nice about this is you can design your own tees and you can even buy in bulk so that you save a bit more money. You can ask some printing stores to do this but if you want the best deals, you should go to online stores for deals. Not only will they give you special prices if you order in bulk but they can also help you come up with some custom designs or help you improve the ones you have come up with.

Now that you know about these tees, will you want to order your own for a bachelorette party? Share your thoughts in the comments!