Throughout 2021 there were some great cases of artistic abilities and creativity in the t-shirt printing industry. We helped support several individuals, brands, and communities during the pandemic across the globe by making their dreams a reality. Most people think that a custom shirt is “just a shirt,” but these t-shirts help people express their creative side while still bringing their own brand to life!

So, here are some new and upcoming trends that you may want to get the jump on in 2022!


Using hand illustrated art

Literally! Print some hand based artwork, maybe a bit of sign language to send an alternative and creative message! If that’s not your style, you can also make use of some amazing technology such as drawing tablets or software such as ProCreate and you can make expansive and beautiful artwork that would look amazing on t-shirts or hoodies! Create your own clothing brand just by the use of your own artistic skills and Rogue Star can take care of all your printing needs!


Strong Statements

If you are a part of any social media, or have seen first hand what the world is doing right now and want to subtly express your thoughts on a controversial topic? Rogue Star is the place to make any custom clothing you’d like.


Favorite Quotes

We live in the world of nostalgia and memes. Whether there’s a song lyric or a movie quote that just pulls at your heartstrings or there’s a particularly funny meme you want to slap on some clothing, Rogue Star has your back! Our team is full of goofballs and heartfelt people that would love to help you out with becoming a part of this trend!

Face Coverings

Ok so this one may not be a “trend” but as a company who specializes in clothing customization, we have seen many different and cool designs that people have wanted on face masks. So why not take advantage of the “trend” and have a fashion forward approach about wearing a face mask? Rogue Star offers a variety of different printing materials and face mask types and you can have your pick of the litter!


To sum it up

These trends are just some of the many trends in custom clothing creation, and there are many more to explore! The possibilities are nearly limitless and here at Rogue Star we can help you hop on these trends with custom clothing you’ll love!

Contact us here to get started on your trendy journey!