In this blog, we will take you through all there is to DTF printing.

So let’s get started.


What is DTF printing?

Direct-To-Film printing, also known as DTF, is the process of printing an image directly onto a piece of film. Compared to conventional printing techniques like offset printing, this type of printing has a number of benefits. DTF prints are better for outdoor use because they are more enduring and water resistant. In addition, DTF printing is a fantastic choice for short-run projects because it is less expensive and faster than tiny screen print runs.


What is DTG printing?

A new technique called DTF printing combines traditional flexo printing speed and digital printing accuracy. The end result is a high-quality print that can be made quickly and effectively in large quantities. With DTF printing, the desired image is printed onto the film using a digital file.


This method offers a wide variety of colors and effects, as well as great precision and adaptability. The fact that DTG printing does not require expensive plates, screens, or setup fees is one of its main benefits. DTG printing also works well for short-run jobs and can be applied to the on-demand production of customized prints. As a result, this new technology is revolutionizing the printing market and increasing accessibility to high-quality prints.


Why would you want to use your DTG printer for DTF transfers?


  1. Eliminates your overrun issues.

The majority of t-shirt stores keep a heat press going all day. In any case, they must be able to set the ink on their DTG designs. As a result, DTG Film Transfers has everything set up and ready for you to finally get rid of your overrun orders.


You will inevitably receive calls from parents, teachers, or event organizers with overrun orders if you are producing large jobs for Schools, Companies, Events, or Teams. Because you have to set up your DTG and remember all of the unique settings you had, those orders can be a real pain in the neck. Additionally, if you attempt to re-set up a job on a screen printing machine, the issue will become noticeably worse.


So you’ll end up saving a ton of time by printing a few transfers from your DTG machine at the end of a big job. Instead of taking 30 minutes or longer, you can bring the garment to the heat press and finish the task IN SECONDS.


  1. None of the placement printing requires custom platens

One of the best things about DTG printers is that they provide print quality that is almost photographic, which makes them perfect for reproducing intricate designs.


DTG printers are ideally suited for printing high-resolution images and photographs due to the level of detail they can produce. When combined with the option to print on a variety of fabrics, DTG printing onto films offers an effective tool for making personalized clothing.


Whether you want to print images, logos, or other intricate designs, DTG printing onto film can help you make clothes that are genuinely one-of-a-kind.