Printing custom apparel is the oldest yet smartest way of marketing a brand, organization, or event. Apparel like t-shirts, caps and jackets can be used as fun promotional items that will immediately remind people of your brand when customers or clients wear and see your branded apparel.

When it comes to printing the t-shirts or other garments, tools like Adobe Illustrator prove to be of great help. To experience the benefits of Adobe illustrator however, we need to understand the process. With a master understanding of how illustrator works, we can:


Work On Impressive Patterns

We can design or input impressive patterns into your custom print! With the use of Adobe Illustrator, creating patterns is easier than ever and fun to do.


Make and Use Custom Brushes

With Illustrator, our design team doesn’t have to settle with the pre-existing brushes to work on your artworks. We utilize the feature where one can create a new brush to us that fits the need of the artwork perfectly!


New and different types of brushes can easily be created. Once you learn these brushes inside and out, you will easily find various practical and experimental ways to use them. You will end up making your process of designing quite easy.


Create Art That Matters

Good artwork catches the eye without being too busy. Your ability to use Adobe Illustrator will help you create designs that stand out among thousands of other designs. You can successfully design intricate artworks with ease. Creating artwork that has clean, crisp lines and complementary colours to impress your clients and client’s customers. 


Make Your Customers Happy and Satisfied

Ultimately, using Adobe Illustrator makes working with your art significantly easier. Rogue Star’s design team can employ various features to design artworks that align with our client’s expectations.

We can design everything as crisp and clean as possible for printing. Utilizing Illustrator is the best bet to ensure your artwork comes out picture perfect on the print.


Over to You

These are just some of the many benefits the experts at Rogue Star can experience since we have mastered Adobe Illustrator for printing purposes.