Promotional merchandise is commonly a regular item that’s emblazoned or printed with the message, logo or a unique style that distinguishes a family, organization, or business. Companies and groups often distribute these marketing items to staff, clients, and potential customers to boost awareness of the brand, product and/or service. Practical or ornamental, promotional items are articles of merchandise that are widely used in advertising. More valuable promo products are used as perks, prizes and gifts. The online world is teeming with businesses that offer customization of promo merchandise.

Varieties of Promotional Merchandise

Typical promotional gifts include bags, wall and desk calendars, tees, mugs, key chains, notepads, and pens. The most famous products though are clothes like T-shirts which are available in multiple colors and designs. For company gifts, prizes, and sales bonuses, new items include personalized umbrellas and coffee mugs. Along with a large number of promotional goods intended for imprinting, priority clients can ask for special custom-made merchandise.

Wearable Promo Merchandise – This variety of promotional items consist of products and gifts which the receiver can use to work or wear around town. Apart from typical t-shirts, there are sweatshirts, jackets, and pullovers adorned with the company name and/or brand logo. On top of that, polo shirts and caps work effectively for transitioning from the workplace to an after-office casual event. Office wear like neckties and blouses provide workers another wardrobe choice.

Promotional Office Products – Office items and supplies express a means or an approach to get the company or organization name, logo, or message into somebody’s hands on a regular basis. Small products that work effectively for general campaigns, like trade shows, include mouse pads, sticky notes, and mini diaries. For digital campaigns, a USB drive or wireless mouse is the usual promo gift. Magnetic clips and paperweights offer alternative options. Patronize a promotion centered on decreasing the company and influence on the environment by offering imprinted coffee mugs and lunch tote bags.

Alternative Promotional Items – Promotional merchandise involving home improvement and outdoor fun and luxury also serve a key opportunity to communicate with a specific client base. Home improvement products range from imprinted tape measures and gardening equipment. Outdoor loves welcome promotional gifts which help them enjoy their time in the open air such as insulated coolers and medical kits. Other choices include bottled water and chocolates. Gift baskets filled with gourmet treats or spa items represent an extra selection for company events.

Ideas and applications of promotional items are practically unlimited. Suppliers report typical uses as company gifts, staff incentive packages, employee recognition prizes, orientation programs, business communications and trade show visitor attraction. Promotional items are also marketed in company stores, utilized in charitable fund-raising, public awareness promotions, corporate events and for marketing of brand consciousness and loyalty. Promotional merchandise are also used for the introduction of a brand new product and/or service, as well as for market research.

Needless to say, giving promotional items is a great way to advertise a company or organization. It’s equally important to make sure that the items you’re giving are made, emblazoned, or printed with care.

What is the best promo merchandise you’ve received from your company?