Have a new business or team, or is your business going in a new direction? If so, one of the first things you will consider is creating a new logo to help brand and promote it. And unless you are part of a large chain or franchise like McDonalds that already has a logo and brand that you need to use, you will need to have a custom logo designed.

Here are some quick tips on what makes  great custom graphic artwork and  a great custom created logo.



Custom created logos are often simple. A simple logo is easy and quick to recognize, more modern and is usually cheaper to reproduce on promotional items as it typically has less complexity and fewer colours.  Simple logos also stand out more clearly on whatever background they are applied to. The Nike “swoosh” logo is a good example of a simple yet modern logo.



Your custom designed logo needs to be appropriate to your business and reflect what your business does. For example, if Luigi’s mattress store chose red and white checks within a diamond shape as it could easily be mistaken for pizza place at first glance. Google similar businesses in your industry, your competition and big brands to see what their logos are like. Your custom logo and artwork should be comparable to these in terms of colours and styles, while being different enough that it creates your own individual identity and avoids any trademark infringements from other brands.  Plus a great customized logo should also incorporate your own personality, style and tastes.



Your logo should have a colour that reflects the message you want to convey. For example an environmental company logo will likely include green or brown. Since every colour has a psychological meaning to people, a great custom logo will consider this in its design. An effective logo will also look good in black and white, reversed out (opposite colour logo for backgrounds of a similar colour as your logo), or on a transparent background.



The best custom logos are memorable so your customers will easily recognize and identify with them.



Logos should stand the test of time and still be effective in years to come. How will it look in 10 years? 20 years?  For example, the Coca-Cola logo is easily identifiable and has remained almost unchanged since inception. When designing a custom logo, avoid trends that may not be current in the future.


Versatile  and Flexible

Your custom created logo will be used in a variety of ways including in other custom graphic artwork,  your website, business cards, signage, emails, promotional items like custom t-shirts and more. So it needs to be scalable to ensure it will work well at a variety of sizes, and in different colours. Small text may not be readable and fine lines can disappear when an intricate  logo is shrunk to a small size.


Ready to create a custom logo? We have years of graphic design experience and can help craft the perfect logo for you!