Boho style shirtsThe Boho-chic look reflects a certain sense of freedom and uniqueness to it. Instead of the usual shirt pieces, Boho style shirts have a lot going on in terms of texture, colors, and patterns. There are prints and added ornaments which makes them look more detailed and truly worth looking at. If you have a shirt that you would like to liven up, here are some ideas on how you can make your own Boho style shirts:

  • Prints – You can customize or your Boho-fy your shirt by adding prints to them. Usually, Bohemian shirts have ornate and symmetric prints that are similar to the images you see in a kaleidoscope. You can have a shirt hand-painted – just find pattered items and use them as stamp-like tools while using fabric paint – or have them custom-printed for more intricate and perfectly-shaped Boho designs.
  • Beads – If you aren’t into wearing beaded accessories but would like to channel the Boho-chic style through your shirts, one option is to sew some beads on. Try sewing it in a permanent necklace-like fashion, or perhaps add beads onto the hemlines of your sleeves and shirt bottom. Experiment with colors to better channel that Boho feel on your creative masterpiece.
  • Fringe – For this trick you will need a basic shirt, some store-bought lengths of fringe, and your sewing kit. Fringe can instantly add a Bohemian aura to your shirt. You can sew it in a V-shaped fashion or add it to your shirt horizontally in layers. If you can’t buy fringe, you can make your own by cutting the actual shirt into strips and pulling them taut until both sides are drawn up. Add a ball-shaped bead at the end before knotting it to secure the bead in place and you’ll have a Boho-fied shirt without having to sew anything on! You can cut the sleeves or the bottom part of your shirt if you please.
  • Lace – For a more girly appeal, consider adding lace to your existing shirt. Be more creative — try cutting the sides or the entire back your shirt, and replacing it with some lace. This idea requires a bit of sewing, but doing this would give you a sheer side on the solid parts of your shirt. It is definitely an excellent way to add texture and visual appeal to your shirt!
  • Crochet – Similar to lace, you can add texture and visual appeal to your shirt when you add some crocheted details to it. You can choose to crochet separate patterns and attach them onto your shirt by sewing, or actually crocheting them onto the shirt. The latter would result in some holes, but if you use a fine crochet needle for that, you can sew in your crocheted work into your shirt.

These are simple tricks to make your shirt look more Bohemian with simple materials which you can get from craft stores or readily available ones at home. How about you? Would you dare to remake your own shirts into Boho style shirts?