In the fall and winter, there are a number products that would help you get maximum exposure for your brand or team. However with their all season use, relatively low cost, portability, and all the wonderful seasonal tea and coffee flavours available in the cold seasons, insulated tumbler mugs can be the perfect choice for you!  Discover why…


Variety of designs

Insulated coffee tumblers are available in many shapes, sizes, styles and materials to meet your needs.

Many tumblers are double walled and insulated to protect your hands but keep your beverage at the perfect temperature –  toasty warm or icy cold. Designs may feature handles, spill proof design and spill proof lids, however some don’t have lids for those who prefer to sit and savour their coffee. Many designs also feature opaque or clear lids so you can see when you need a refill.

Tumbler materials include stainless steel, plastic or other materials including BPA free plastic – and some are dishwasher safe.


Easy to customize

Customizing insulated tumblers is also quite easy and straightforward. Your business or team can either use a custom design to customize the tumbler, print your logo, simply print your business name and web address on it or a combination of all. Plus you can choose a tumbler colour to complement your design.


They are effective promotional product during winter

During fall one item that many Canadians will have with them almost everywhere is a warming coffee, tea or hot cider. People walking to work or taking the train may prefer insulated coffee tumblers with handles and maybe a spill resistant design and lid. Alternatively, those driving to work would probably prefer a design with no handle to ensure it fits in the holder and is easy to grab.  When people carry your tumbler on the go, it gives maximum exposure to your brand.


They are useful, practical and environmentally friendly

When choosing a promotional product to use for advertising, it is important to choose products that are useful and practical. Products which can be used on a daily basis are the best, and since insulated coffee tumblers are useful, durable as well as practical,  people will carry them to, around and from their places of work. Plus they help save the environment and reduce waste by replacing disposable cups.


Insulated drinks tumblers are not costly

Insulated travel coffee tumblers are relatively affordable meaning businesses can afford to buy them in large numbers without incurring huge bills. And as the imprint size on a mug is relatively small and simple to do, it is also fairly cheap to add your design, colours and logo.


Everyday product

A quick look around in fall, especially in the morning, would reveal that almost everyone has an a  coffee, tea or hot drink with them wherever they go, and a well designed tumbler will be used every day. Each time customers see your custom tumbler, your business name will get some exposure. And unlike other promotional products that are likely to be seen once and thrown away, durable insulated  tumblers are a long term investment that can last for years to come.


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