Custom t-shirt designs don’t come easily for many. It needs a lot of contemplation and some ideas from other sources. Whether you’re trying to come up with a t-shirt design for only yourself or for a group of friends, you can come up with unique ideas from the following:

  1. custom t-shirt designsFavorite colors and fonts – For a customized shirt for yourself, you shouldn’t beat yourself up with hard logos and complicated fonts. Just think of what you would want. It can be a cartoon print, your favorite quote, or even some abstract design. You are the best person to come up with the design for yourself because nobody else can do it better. Customized shirts can be given as gifts too, and if that is the case, make sure that you consider the favorites of the recipient instead of your own. Couple shirts can also be designed and for this you can include the things that the couple will relate to and like.
  2. Surroundings – Take a look around you. Take in everything. No matter how disorganized your surroundings are, something in there can spark an idea. If you’re trying to come up with custom t-shirt designs for a group event, go to the place where the event will happen or visit the people who are organizing the event to gather some info from them.
  3. People and phrases – In some cases, all you need is a person or a phrase in order to have a concept for your customized shirt. Even if you’re not an artist, a catchy phrase can easily be improved with minimal design. You can also ask for help from t-shirt designers in order to make the phrase or the concept even better.
  4. Other shirts – Look for ideas from other shirt designs. Did you see a particular shirt’s design and thought that it would look good with some modifications to fit you better? You can do just that. Some patterns on other shirts could also give you an idea. Take a look at your closet and see the themes you usually go for. These can be incorporated in your custom t-shirt designs.
  5. Friends – If you’re really stomped, you can always ask for some ideas from your friends. Gather them for a brainstorming activity for a custom t-shirt that will fit all of you. Each and every one who will have the shirt should be represented properly in the. If a friend is an artist, maybe he can come up with cartoon versions of everyone. If you have a catchy phrase that you all agree on, that could also work. A favorite band or food or event can also be the subject of your design.

Don’t beat yourself up when thinking about customized shirt designs. Always remember that it’s supposed to be fun. As long as you enjoy what you come up with, whether it’s too simple or too elaborate, you will be proud to wear it. And before you get that design ready for printing, consider how the colors would look on different colors of shirt. The colors of the design and of the shirt should not clash so that the design can be easily appreciated by everyone.

What color do you usually choose when getting customized shirts? Do you have a preference, or does it depend on the print?