Leather is the hallmark of style and luxury. Leather is something that has never gone out of fashion and decorating a garment with leather gives it a sort of rustic elegance. Patching your product or garment with leather can help you add a perfect last little touch or can be the showpiece of your product. Leather is regarded for its high-quality image overall, but let’s take a look at some of the other advantages of leather for decoration.


You can use a leather patch on many different products to give them a little something. Leather patches are classically applied to jeans and jackets of various kinds to give them an upscale look, but they’re also great for t-shirt pockets, canvas and twill textured products, various head ware, and bags. Leather patches can also come in various colours, cuts, and have interesting decorations like deboss or a pad print.


The uniqueness of leather cannot be questioned. The texture of it alone stands out from most, especially on general fabrics. Add to the uniqueness with a different leather colour or patch shape! Uniqueness can also be acquired by what you apply your patch to – seemingly simple products with a leather patch will catch attention! No matter how simple or extravagant you go – leather is sure to catch eyes in such a small application because it’s usually unexpected and likely to standout from other textures.


Leather is made to last and for good reason too. The use of leather and leather patches started centuries ago across many cultures, but was made extremely popular as a result of its use for military garments. For instance, leather patches sewn onto soldiers’ uniforms were able to withstand the heavy wear and tear of duty. Not to mention, they looked great as well. Leather’s resistance is commendable and makes for garments that are long lasting enough to be well worth their price.

Stylish & Cost Effective

Making a style statement with leather is essentially effortless because leather is considered luxurious. Big brands like Levi’s and Wranglers make highly admired products with leather base or touches. These products are highly regarded because the quality of leather and craftsmanship to make them are reflected in the products. For some brands, their highly esteemed brand is so because of their leather products, which says a lot about the material itself. Leather is a great quality material and speaks volumes on its own so that your brand comes off as high end to your audience. The material is worth its cost for years to come and will also resell very well as a result of its allure.

For a softer alternative, consider suede. It has all the same benefits with a twist on texture and may be more suitable for your project if leather just doesn’t quite fit! With a leather patch, your products will stand out among others! Looking for your next star piece? Look no further! Here at Rogue Star, we can get your started on your journey towards your evolution into leather decorated items. We have a team of awesome designers and reps to help you create beautiful pieces that will be a hit with your audience! Give us a call to get your order started! We’re happy to accommodate your order and we also serve clients further than the Edmonton area so you can worry less about limited options!