There are different kinds of shirt designs and apparel options for people nowadays. Perhaps the most comfortable piece of clothing for a lot of people is the T-shirt. However, there are times when T-shirts are too casual and ordinary-looking. Some events call for a bit of formality to them. This is where collared How to Wear Customized Collar Shirtsshirts come in. Collared or polo shirts are suitable alternatives to basic T-shirts because they are not as casual as the latter. They also provide the same level of comfort to the wearer because they can be made with the same highly-breathable materials as tees.

Customized collar shirts are a great alternative to basic shirts because they have a structured form but are still casual enough to provide comfort to whoever wears them. They can be personalized with the same technique as T-shirt customization, but the presence of a collar adds a unique spot to make the prints more noticeable. Here are some ideas on how and when to wear customized collar shirts:

  • Employee Uniforms – If you are looking for a presentable yet affordable solution for your employees’ uniforms, customized collar shirts are your best choice. They are not too casual but they still provide comfort to your employees. This is also a particularly beneficial uniform option for small business owners. Instead of commissioning tailor-made uniforms, business owners can have customized shirts made for their employees to wear at the office. It’s cost-effective and corporate-chic at the same time.
  • Corporate Giveaways – T-shirts are good giveaways, but giving away collared shirts can show clients that the business is going the extra mile for them. Collared shirts are charming and presentable gifts for big businesses who would like to make their clients remember them more. These are more outstanding compared to just basic T-shirts and this kind of giveaway will definitely be appreciated by the receivers.
  • Team Shirts – Employees in the same team or different department members in an office who always wear their formal office clothes can dress down a bit by wearing collared shirts instead. They can still look respectable and represent the brand or the company when the collared shirt has the company logo printed on it. This is a nice way to feel a little less formal without going way too casual for individuals who are expected to maintain a company or brand appearance.
  • Organization Shirts – This is for schools and other organizations or groups who are looking for a nice way to look more unified. These shirts can be worn for outdoor events and group meet-ups while looking presentably organized at the same time. Collared shirts can be worn by anyone and can be paired with almost any kind of pants like jeans, shorts, or slacks which make them flexible choices for students and members of different organizations.

Those who are looking for more sophisticated choices for giveaways and group shirts can choose customized collared shirts instead! Will you consider using customized collared shirts for these purposes if you had the chance?