Promotional products are a great way for small to large businesses to attract new clients, increase brand awareness and reward and retain current customers. But what are the best ways to use these products to advertise your business?



Select products targeted towards your clients and audience
Look at your target demographic… who you are giving the promotional item to? What industry are they in? What work do they do? Choose a usable practical item that the client will use on regular basis, or an item that is specifically utilized by their industry segment. An office business worker may like a mug or pen for their office, whereas an IT professional may like a USB key or other gadget. Also remember other demographics such as your customers’ age range, ethnicity and sex. For example younger people like technology whereas older people may want something more classic.

Choose quality and value
Don’t choose the cheapest item. A poor quality item reflects poorly on your business. Choose something that balances quality with value that your clients will retain and use often. A higher quality gel pen will be preferred over a plain bic for example.

Distribute promotional products instead of business cards
Instead of handing out business cards, give out promotional items with your contact information on them. Many business cards are thrown away and never looked at again, but a practical promotional item could be used and looked at everyday! Also consider giving away a lower cost promotional item as a free gift with each purchase to keep your business front of mind. You can hand these out customers individually, or send lightweight or small items out in a bulk mailing.

Advertise or sponsor events
Distribute promotional items with your logo at any events you host or sponsor –whether an open day, large meeting, tour, or other promotional event. You can share the cost with other companies and print multiple logos on these. Or give away promotional items at a charity or community event in exchange for a mention as a sponsor.

Seasonal giveaways
Organize your giveaways around special times of year when your business is busy. For example a florist may want to give away a promotional calendar during Valentines Day when business is brisk to remind their customers of their important dates plus drive awareness of the florist’s business. Give these products to both prospects and loyal customers.

Reward your customers
Your customers are your biggest advocates and when they are happy, they will recommend your business. Consider developing a customer loyalty program and reward your clients with gifts depending on number of visits, referrals, types of products bought etc.

Recognize your employees
Don’t forget, a happy employee will recommend your business to family and friend. Whether it’s a Christmas gift of a sweatshirt with your logo, or a custom baseball cap and tickets to the ball game to reward them for a job well done, giving promotional items will help employees feel appreciated plus help advertise your business as well.

Looking for more ways to use your promotional items to advertise your business? Talk to us and let us work with you to recommend which product would work well for your audience. We can help you choose the perfect product within your price range to really help your business stand out. Call 855-900-STAR today!