Using promotional products for business is not exactly a new practice. It has been done since the early days of business, way before technology started taking over  every company’s marketing and advertising strategies. But just because it’s old does not mean that it is outdated. The use of promotional products for business exposure actually proves to be one of those timelessly effective approaches that any business could maximize no matter how modern or traditional they want their strategies to be. In fact, it has been proven that 52% of consumers have a more positive impression of companies that give away promotional products.

What Can It Do For You?

What can promotional products do for your business? There are a lot of proven benefits to the use of promotional products, which is why the practice is still in use until now. Here are a few of them:

  • promotional products for businessBrand Recognition. No matter what kind of promotional product you use, it will always be a constant reminder of your brand, increasing the level of brand recognition. Give away mugs, and your client will remember you every morning when they have coffee. Give them a pen, and you’ll be a constant presence on their desk. Give them a shirt, and they’ll glance at that logo every time they look for something to wear in their closet.
  • Great Impressions. Nobody turns down a freebie no matter how useless it may be for them. They may have a bunch of key chains at home, but they will always remember the store that gave them a free one with their purchase. A client may just be trying out your business for the first time, and seeing that you are adding more bang for their buck, no matter how simple the promotional product may be, will always leave a great first impression.
  • Information Dissemination. You may have a few business cards handy in your pocket, but you don’t always get the opportunity to shake potential clients’ hands and give them a copy of your card. However, a single customer who wears a shirt that has your name and contact details on it will easily become a walking source of information for people that he meets along the way. It’s like having a walking advertisement with minimum investment.
  • Long-Term Exposure. Ads, billboards, and other similar advertising mediums are often short-term. You pay for them to be shown to the public for a specific period of time, and then you would have to pay again if you want your exposure to be longer. With promotional products however, for as long as that product exists and bears the name or logo of your company, you maintain the level of exposure that you need.
  • Large Variety. Promotional products are never boring because you could always pick a different thing each time. You could hand out mugs this time, and pens the next time. You can give out notepads, notebooks, or key chains. You can even give out bottle openers if you’re in the beverage business, or a travel-themed desk calendar if you’re in that specific industry. There are so many ways to be creative!

What about you? What promotional product have you tried giving away in the past?