Hats and headwear can be a type of head protection, a piece of fashion statement, or both. From the most casual event (sports can used during the NBA finals) to the most glamorous celebration (Philip Treacy fascinators used during William and Kate’s Royal Wedding), hats and headwear showcase the personality of the wearer. It’s not a wonder why custom hats and headwear are also one of the most favored promotional items companies use during trade shows.

Here are some of the most famous types of hats and headwear and what each piece says about the wearer’s personality.

Performance Hats and Caps

custom hats and headwear This is probably the most common type of hat. Performance hats and caps are used by athletes and non-athletes in several sports or extensive activities. Performance hats, as the name suggests, are often used when exercising, running, and biking, to name a few. It’s also the most conventional type of hat and is typically used by fans during sporting events. This type of hat suggests a laidback and a non-fussy personality. A custom performance hat is one of the best and easiest ways of showing support to a cause, a sports team, an event, or even a product. Wearing a personalized, performance hat is essentially like endorsing whatever is written on branded on the cap.

Beanie Hats

Beanie hats have this “cool” image, mainly because not everyone can wear a beanie without looking awkward or uncomfortable. The beanie has a fascinating history, albeit a bit obscured. It was believed that the first beanie was designed during the medieval times, and was originally worn by the university boys. Up to this date, beanies are the preferred type of hat of students. Thus, custom beanies are often seen in various schools and universities. Usually, a university has an official beanie – a hat with the school’s logo or name of its sports team.


A fedora is a headwear of choice of many celebrities, particularly singers. Take Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and even Beyonce, for instance. It’s a fashionable headwear, to say the least. A fedora can complete an outfit. It can easily elevate a casual look to a more street chic/rock ensemble. A custom fedora adds a little bit of elegance and oomph to an already stylish headwear. In a promotional POV, a custom fedora presents the brand, product/service, event, or cause in a jazzier manner. Personality wise, a custom fedora is a way of dressing up in a more stylish manner.


Visors are fun headwear in a sense that they’re really not use for protection, but more to complete an outfit (ex. a golf outfit) or to promote something. Visors are the favorites of businesses to give to traders during tradeshows and other marketing events. Wearing a custom visor has a lot to do with brand or cause promotion. Sans golf players, rarely does someone wears one without promotion.

Custom hats and headwear are among the best ways to spread awareness about a cause or an event, while maintaining the wearer’s personality. What type of hats and headwear is your favorite and why? Share your stories below.