There is no doubt at all that skateboarding is something that lets anyone’s personality shine through. The way that you fly through the air as if suspended against gravity highlights how free-spirited you truly are, and how you believe that you are not bound by the usual norms that precede normal day-to-day living. This is what makes skateboarding an extreme sport. The high level of risk that comes with it is extraordinary, and is something that has both fascinated and scared people all over the world.

But what could be an even better aspect to skateboarding is how it encourages you to show what a unique individual you truly are.

Showing Your Personality through Custom Design Skateboards

custom design skateboards

Have you seen some of the most beautiful skateboard decks? They vary so much in style and tone, with some of them going for bright, colorful and lively hues while some stick to more edgy and neutral solid colors. No matter what your preference may be in design, your skateboard is something that could not only portray your favorite color, but something else of value that you think would represent who you are best.

This is what’s great about skateboards. You actually have the ability to design your own, especially if what you have in mind is something that nobody else would probably think of. Sporting your own unique deck allows you to showcase your individuality in so many ways, as long as you find the right inspiration.

Finding Inspiration for Your Custom Design

So how do you find inspiration for your design? Here are a few questions that you could ask yourself before coming up with a final design:

  • What color describes you best? Are you someone who shines brightly? Or are you more of the dark and brooding type? Colors symbolize different personalities, so it’s better to start finding inspiration here. Red usually stands for passion, while green is perfect for people who are looking for growth. Try to figure out what different colors match your personality best.
  • What do you usually wear? Sometimes, the things you wear could also be a great inspiration in figuring out the design you’re looking for. Are you fonder of patterns? Or would you rather wear solid colors? Are you the type who craves for complicated shirt designs?
  • What are your favorite things? Do you love food? Who are your favorite characters? What kind of music do you listen to? More often than not, these things become the perfect source of inspiration for those who want to customize their decks.
  • What inspires you? Are you the kind of person who is stimulated by art? Do you crave for human interaction? Do you believe that nature is the most powerful source of inspiration? These are things that you could portray in your deck.

These are just some of the things that would help you use your imagination and create a design that fits you best.

So what inspires you? How do you think would you be able to let your skateboard show who you are?