sports apparel If your sports team is in need of new sports apparel, give fundraising a shot. The team can do an array of exciting and interesting activities to make the fundraising program a huge hit with both the young and old crowd. The more impressive and fun you can make your fundraiser, the more lucrative it can turn into. However, the secret key to make fundraising a true success is relatively simple – have a great time! If attendees can see that you’re enjoying yourself, they will too, and you’ll find the fundraising event to be a lot more successful because of it.

Here are four fundraising ideas that you can do to raise new sports apparel for the team.

  • Play chef. Cooking is an all-time favorite among the fundraising ideas. The activity offers multiple benefits apart from raising money to buy new sportswear. It’s a perfect activity to socialize, too. A fundraising cookout can range from a simple hotdog-and-burger combo to baked goods, from a rustic barbeque kiosk to a fine dining experience. The team can either cook the food or ask their loved ones to cook their signature recipes for the event. To make the event more fun, ask the team’s cheerleaders to help sell the food.
  • Setup a sports clinic. You can use your sports to establish your team brand. Schedule a sports clinic at your local neighborhood and nearby schools as a fundraising event. Make sure to advertise the event as soon as possible to guarantee maximum attendance. You can use the local gym as the location to hold such sessions.
  • Sell pre-loved items. Ask the team members for any unwanted items they may have at home and set up a garage sale. In line with this fundraising for the team’s sports apparel is to create an online site to market these goods. You may start with eBay to make the process a lot easier. But to make a maximum impact, setting up a website specially dedicated to the event is a better idea. You can use free web hosts to set up the account.
  • Organize a raffle event. This is possibly one of the best, tried-and-tested, and effective fundraising programs. Raffle never goes out of style since this will leave the team ‘rich’ with an excellent profit margin. The key here is to market the raffle tickets and winning prize to 50 percent of the actual collection.

To make the fundraising event to raise sports apparel a tremendous success, follow these tips:

  • Promote the event.
  • Choose a good venue. If you have to pay a certain fee to get a good place, like a local showroom or gym, invest in it. Ambience and location are important to make the guests feel welcome during the event.
  • During the actual event, make sure to wear the team uniform.
  • Always extend your gratitude to all the sponsors and guests of the event.

With these ideas and tips, you can execute the perfect fundraising event to buy new sports apparel for the team. What other fundraising ideas and tips you can think of? Share your thoughts below.