corporate giveaways On today’s detail-intensive culture, it’s a challenge for any business to draw in prospective buyers. That’s why effective advertising is so critical to execute. It’s a good thing that corporate giveaways provide a distinctive opportunity to get your brand out to its target audience. The promo items that you pick are only restricted by your own imagination and creativity. These items can vary from tried-and-tested items, like pens, coffee mugs, and umbrellas, to inventive giveaways like fruit and nut baskets, first aid kits, and quilts or blankets. No matter what merchandise you choose, all should carry the name, logo, and contact information of your company.

The key to a successful corporate giveaways marketing is investing in the products that people actually like. The easiest method to find out about people’s interests is to conduct a market research. In a recent market research about promotional items, the results revealed that:

  • Guests at trade shows favor embroidered or sewed corporate garments over screen printed styles.
  • Over 80 percent of people interviewed said they don branded apparel while doing their errands, making clothes an excellent tactic for increasing brand recognition.
  • Almost 90 percent of student participants said they prefer tote bags made from recycled or canvas fabrics. Companies can optimize their ROI by selecting eco-friendly materials like recycled or organic fabrics.
  • Practically every research participant claimed they will take extra actions to obtain one of a kind or original corporate swag.

Aside from doing a market research, here are a few more tips on how to effectively market your brand through corporate giveaways:

  • Establish clear objectives for your marketing. Take into account what you would like these items to do for your brand. Are you using promo items to set awareness and focus to your company? Do you target them for boosting sales? Do they serve as a token of gratitude to your clients? Set clear goals right from the beginning to be able to obtain promo items that make sense for your brand.
  • Set a promo budget and stick with it. Placing your brand name and logo on a pen or a mouse pad shows your target market that you are starting to solidify your business and you’re in the industry for the long haul. This boost of confidence can translate to exceeding your promotional budget. To avoid crossing your budget line, make sure to set up a budget from the start. Establish your expenses up front, put them as a variable into your overall advertising funds, and keep a watchful eye on all of your expenses, particularly indirect fees such as shipping and storage.
  • Look for collaboration options. If you want to give presents at your company event, ask your product suppliers to share with you the expense. In return, acknowledge them by putting their name and logo on the gift. Shared promo efforts bolster relationships with product suppliers and create a positive statement about your effort and commitment to the brand.
  • Take into consideration the limited lifespan of many product giveaways. Don’t order more than what you need for the event. Many companies have stockrooms brimming with out-of-date promotional products.

Corporate giveaways can be a silent and subtle salesman for your brand. Keeping these pointers under consideration will help you take full advantage of the potential of your promo items. What is the best corporate giveaway you’ve received? Share your stories below.