How to Make Great Patched T-ShirtsWhen you want a unique vibe going on with your shirt, you can consider making patched T-shirts. They are reminiscent of the olden days in the sense that people back then would resort to patching things up rather than just tossing ripped shirts in the bin and then buying new ones.

For those who have a preference for wearing unique and eye-catching pieces, you can make your own patched T-shirts even if your shirt doesn’t have a hole in it! Here are some great ideas to remember when adding patches as a design to your shirts:

  • Location – When starting off with a shirt that has a hole in it, you ought to consider how to best make the patch or patches look as natural as possible. If the hole is at an awkward spot, you can distribute other patches at random places and have a polka dot-like effect.
  • Size – The sizes need not be uniform. This would depend on the hole or pretty much your own preference when it comes to the size of your patches. Remember to give an ample amount of space from the edges of the hole to the perimeter of the patch. Don’t sew too close to the edges of the hole.
  • Balance – You can have better-looking patched T-shirts when you achieve a sense of balance in your design. The center of the shirt is always a good place to put some patchwork on, or you can opt to randomly spreading it out too. If the patches need to be on one side, instead of just having one small patch, try having several patches overlapping in a nice design around that area. Generally, just avoid making the patches look out of place.
  • Colors and Prints – Choosing the right colors can make the patches look more like they belong! Analogous colors are great, but contrasting colors can be more vibrant if you want something that truly stands out. When you have a white or black shirt, you can really go wild with the patches you choose to sew on because almost all colors pop out when you have these base colors on your shirt. Printed patches work great, too, when you want to add visual texture to your shirt especially if the base shirt is a plain one.
  • Shape – You can play around with the shapes of your patches especially if you’re adding the pieces for the sake of creativity and not because your shirt has a hole. You choose from stars, hearts, circles, flowers, and other shapes apart from the usual square patch. You can even make a shape from a variety of patches. Think of it as some kind of mosaic work on your shirt!

Patching your shirt up can take time, and finding spare fabric for your little project can be a little challenging too. But, with these ideas, you can come up with creative and unique shirts that you can be proud of! Have you tried using patches to spice up the look of your shirts?