Embroidery is one of the oldest methods of beautifying a piece of garment. Back in the old days, embroidery was something a lot of women and younger ladies will engage in while at home especially if they didn’t have much to do outside their houses. With just a needle and a thread, coming up with wonderful designs was made possible. Embroidering initials was a common thing a few centuries ago, and having tapestries made with intricate embroideries were present in those years as well.

custom embroidery servicesToday, custom embroidery services is all about creating simple to more complicated thread and needle designs to be transferred onto shirts. Furthermore, the time it takes to complete an embroidered garment now lasts only a few minutes instead of days or even weeks when embroidery is done manually. Nowadays, there are providers of custom embroidery services and they make use of high-speed embroidery machines to be able to create several of the same embroidery designs on various garments.

Embroidering letters in varying thicknesses and font faces or curlicues and other elegant designs can be done with modern embroidery machines that transfer digital design onto garments. There are also machines which can be operated manually, but these still operate on high speeds which result in a faster production of embroidered designs.

Types of Embroidery Today

There are a number of embroidery machines available today, and two of the top names when it comes to these machines are Barudan and Tajima. SWF and Toyota also have their own high-speed manual and digital machines which can be used by those in the custom embroidery service industry. For manual embroidery machines, skilled workers need to adjust to the machine speed and have a bit of practice to come up with the names or other designs they need to transfer on garments. Digital embroidery machines, on the other hand, produce more consistent designs and are more commonly used by bigger businesses.

Embroidery stitches come in different types and they may vary in the style of the stitch, the density of the stitches, and even the additional materials used to come up with the design. One of the more popular methods of specialized embroidery is puff embroidery. This is where a piece of puff or foam is placed underneath the thread to come up with an embossed design. Digital embroidery machines are used for such purposes, and while the process of embroidering remains relatively the same, the result is different because the design has a 3D effect which is not present in more traditional embroidery methods.

A lot of customization can be experienced when you choose to have your garments embroidered. Several thread colors can be used, and high-speed embroidery can be done one most kinds of fabrics except the particularly sensitive ones like silk or satin. Those who would like to have a bit of texture on their garments can rely on embroider to achieve the look they are going for. With digital embroidery machines, a lot of the same design can be made in just a day!

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