decorate with wall decalsWall decals are a great way to add more detail to your interior spaces. Instead of having just a plain wall or drilling in holes to hang picture frames on, consider wall decals instead. When you decorate with wall decals, you have full control over were you want to place them and which colors to choose. There are also a lot available designs, and there are even available custom-made wall decals from various service providers.

Since wall decals come in pretty much all colors, designs, and varying sizes, choosing the right one to match your interior color scheme can help you make the most out of the decal you buy. Here are some tips when choosing wall decals based on the color of your interior spaces:

Tips on How to Decorate with Wall Decals

  • Consider the amount of contrast you want – Choosing highly contrasting colors like black decals on white walls or other dark colors on light walls can help you make the decal pop out more. This usually works really well when you want your decal to be the focal point for that particular room.
  • Analogous colors can be more subtle –When you want to achieve a sophisticated yet barely there look, you may want to consider getting analogous colors. These are the colors which sit right next to each other on the color wheel. A darker shade decal will pop up on a wall which has a similar color. This helps achieve a more subtle visual texture—but noticeable all the same. Using similar colors will give your walls a slight difference, but it will be far from plain when you use decals.
  • Experiment with more than one color – There are decals which come in several colors which have been preselected to match each other. When you have neutral walls like beige, white, or blacks and grays, decals which come in up to four different colors would do. If you have colored walls like light yellow, green, or other bright colors, try to pick colored decals which have around three colors to avoid too much clashing.
  • Consider your furniture color – When you’re not sure which decals would best go with your wall, use your furniture color as a good basis. If you look at your interior space and your furniture looks great against your wall, you may want to consider colors which are closely related to your furniture to help pull the entire look together.
  • Think of how the lighting will affect your decal – There are times when yellow lights make yellow, red, or orange decals look too saturated. When you have yellow lights, think of getting matte decals which would avoid reflecting or absorbing too much of the light.

Remember these tips when you decorate with wall decals and you’ll be able to have wonderfully coordinated walls! Along with the colors, think of the style and size of the decal you’re choosing as well so that you can have a well-balanced look. Ask your local decal makers today and see what customization offers they have for you!

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