Promotional products have been used in fundraising events for years. Whether you want to sell items as souvenirs for your event or launch an ongoing fundraising program, you will most likely require branded promotional products.

Promotional items enhance affiliation with your brand. Providing donors with items to remind them of their contributions and to show off and encourage others to donate is a great way to do that! Have a fundraising event coming up in the Edmonton area? Look no further for help!

Here are the top 4 considerations for selecting the best branded products for your event.

Relevance and Function

Always find a purposeful and relevant promotional item rather than something cookie cutter. When you are shopping around for promotional products, ask yourself whether the item is relevant to your upcoming event or your cause/organization. With a wide selection of items that can be decorated with your logo, it’s not hard to find something that fits the purpose of your event.

Timing and Budget

Timing and budget are two important considerations that you should keep in mind while purchasing promotional products. You should consider how much time it will take to customize and ship your products. Promotional products can take 3-4 weeks or more depending on the item or the size of your order. Leave yourself a good few months to arrange artwork, approval, and production of your order if possible. Also, make a realistic budget for the items. In the end, you are planning a non-profit event to raise funds, so your gift should be meaningful and useful, but it shouldn’t be a huge expense. Proper timing can help you stay within your budget by saving money on rush and shipping fees.

Audience is Important

Collecting knowledge about your consumers is a basic principle in marketing. Take demographics into considerations when selecting products. Choose a gift that falls in line with your donors’ and attendees’ values. You should keep in mind the quality and appropriateness of the promotional product for your fundraising event. Whether it is a donor, potential partner, internal employees/volunteers, or others – make sure to keep your target audience in mind while selecting an appropriate giveaway for your upcoming event.

Keep Durability In Mind

Durability is one of the most important factors. Products with great durability will help ensure that your organization and messages can be displayed for years after your event. Products themselves can help speak even more messages about your organization, so the durability of the product can communicate your organization’s drive and impact in terms of your long term goals for communication and your message.

Organizing a fundraising event is a feat, but promotional items are an important advertising feature that you should not forget! If a promotional product is audience appropriate and long-lasting, it will have a long life cycle in the hands and minds of consumers. Reusable bottles, lighters, hair products, t-shirts, stickers, and many more products are here to help you with your goals – and so are we! We’ve helped organizations all over the Edmonton area and throughout Alberta. Shipping or designing – leave it up to us! Give us a call today to get your order started!