If your business is in need of a professional screen printing company, then it makes perfect sense to have a look at your options first. Doing research and choosing a good screen printer can offer many advantages that boost the ROI your business receives. Edmonton and Calgary have many screen printers to choose from, but we’ve got the know how on how to narrow them down!

Here are some advantages of using a reputable printing agency:


No headaches due to delays or shoddy work. A capable workshop can handle all your requests well, will have an honest pricing policy, and will make sure to strive for your satisfaction in each project. This ensures that your needs are taken care of in the right way. An experienced screen printer should meet and exceed expectations on fulfillment, timelines, and budgets. Any mistakes that are made will be made up for efficiently. These qualities are what keep successful, experienced screen printers in business for years.


Your decision to go with a professional screen printer will result in superior quality work. The image rendered on your garments will be sharp, vibrant, and long lasting. Inks will be applied with appropriate thickness, alignment, and opacity.


Experience with multiple businesses in different industries will help you select the perfect choice. They can utilize their broad experience to better understand what is best for yours. They will also have experience with jobs of all sizes which means you can receive your order on time and to your expectations.  

Customer Service

Dealing with many clients allows the company in question to know what the customer expects and how they can best use their talent to meet your needs. This places them high on your list for custom orders that require attention and strive for detail. This professional expertise results in your satisfaction and timely order fulfillment.


Professional printers have a well-equipped setup that allows them to operate bulk orders and enable efficiencies of scale. This cost advantage is passed on to the customer, who benefits a lower costing per unit. If you are looking for bulk order pricing that fits your budget, then you can never go wrong with an experienced screen printing agency who has refined their pricing and offers appropriate discounts and price breaks to their customers

If you’re looking for a reliable screen printer in Edmonton or Calgary, make sure to take these factors into account when making your decision. Call around, set up a meeting, or look at their reviews/previous projects. Get a feel for how much regard they have for you and your inquiry. When in doubt, give us a call! We work with some of the best screen printers in Edmonton that can take on your job! You’ll receive great garments quickly and we even offer shipping (readers from Calgary, feel free to take notes here)!