“Did you say ‘embroidery’? Isn’t a granny’s leisurely pastime?”

Nowadays, you may be likely to hear these words when you try to associate branding with embroidery. If you think about it, embroidery has been impacting branding for decades. In 1972, Ralph Lauren had hand-sewn an image of a polo player and a pony. Over the years, this symbol and iconic embroidery texture has now become an icon worldwide for their polo shirts and many others.

If you need more compelling reasons to try out embroidery for merchandising or branding, then here are a list of benefits:

1 – Variety of Stitches

A range of stitching styles creates a memorable visual influence on different fabrics. For instance, satin stitches depict dual tones of a shade and uplift the texture effects. Then there is fill stitching that is used to cover a larger surface area. It typically serves as a background for more embroidery overlay thus opening the potential for intricate designs. A variety of stitches can open a variety of texture options based on what look you want.

2 – Varying Threads

An embroidery expert knows that different fabric, thickness, and colour have a different impact on embroidery. It’s important to adapt embroidery printing based on the material and shape of the merchandise like hats, t-shirts, or bags. This enhances the level of attention your garment receives and enhances your brand’s look, especially for important events like an exhibition or trade show.

3 – Sharper Visuals

Today’s embroidery experts have artists that can take almost any image or artwork and convert it to intricate embroidery designs. With new technology and sharp thread colours, the designs result in sharper visual effects and great durability. This improves the reusability aspect of the product and has a greater impact on your marketing ROI.

4 – 3D appearance

Raised stitching ensures that the design appears 3D in nature, which gives it an extra pop from texture. These can be woven into any fabric like an awning, a trade show banner, a t-shirt, or hoodies. So be it a permanent marketing asset (like an awning outside a store) or a giveaway gift (like a bag or t-shirt), you can be assured that your brand will elicit a favorable recall value thanks to the super sharp impact created by the embroidered merchandise.    

5 – Appropriate Application & Quality

A professional embroidery company will know what type of threads or stitching will go well with which type of end us. While a stronger polyester thread will be used for sporting events and competitions, a different material will be used for other applications. An expert can use rayon for more subtle or classy events like a trade show, exhibition, or a corporate event.

With the right kind of application among the right type of intended audience, the level of engagement will be much higher. This way, there is a likelihood of receiving a higher number of business inquiries with the visual impact presented by an elegantly embroidered design

Embroidery is timeless and classy, now matter what you use it on. Let us make the process easy. Tell us what you want embroidered and give us your artwork and we’ll use our expert embroidery knowledge to match suitable colours, stitching, and threads to meet your branding needs. Give us a call! You can have long lasting and beautifully decorated garments sooner than you think!