One of the easiest ways to improve your wardrobe is by customizing your existing clothes into entirely new outfits using lace. You only need to add a couple of details to end up with stylish clothes that demonstrate your unique style. Here are 10 simple DIY suggestions to liven your wardrobe by adding lace to your shirt.

Tip #1: Side Seams

Attaching side seams to old shirts (or shirts a size too small for you) can instantly make them wearable. Simply cut side seams off a shirt of your choice, insert trim, and sew it right back up. Just be sure to leave holes as armholes when adding lace to your shirt.

Tip #2: Cut-out Backs

You do not even need lots of lace trim to improve an old shirt. Cut horizontal lines on the back of a shirt. Around four slits is best. Using a little bit of lace, make a bow that connects the sections of the shirt. Be sure to hand-sew these and do not stitch the bows into your shirt.

Tip #3: Peter Pan Collars

Source out a doily which, when cut into two pieces, can comfortably fit the collar area of a shirt or blouse. Cut to perfectly match the neckline. You should end up with two pieces resembling half moons. Sew the pieces together. It may be necessary to iron out the shirt afterwards to give it a clean appearance.

Tip #4: Lace Embellishments

This tip is a bit more complex but the craftsmanship shows. Start by cutting off the sleeves of a chosen shirt, but keep them intact for use later. Cut off the upper portion of the shirt, perhaps two inches above the armpit line. Use this piece as a template for the lace. Cut out a portion so you have two practically identical pieces. The lace will go over the shirt in the end with about ¼ in neckline allowance. Sew everything back with the sleeves as the last step. Complete steps in this link:

Tip #5: Lace Front Top

By far the simplest of all the lace shirt designs, all you have to do is get a lace pattern you like, measure a piece that runs the length of your shirt, and sew it in. Get creative or use a plain white pattern, whatever works for you.

Additional Uses for Lace

If adding lace to your shirt just does not cut it, there are a couple of other uses for lace that you might be interested in. For a bland scarf, try cutting out a shape in your lace to use as a patch. A heart works just fine. Fold, cut, sew and tie the knot. Lastly, black flats can be made into exciting new shoes by covering it with some blue lace. Get some fabric glue and lay out the lace. Be sure to glue them on properly for a neat look.

Got some of your own tricks using lace? Share them below in the comments section!