How Cheap Custom T-Shirts Can Help your BusinessBuilding a following for your business can be done in so many ways, some of them more obvious than you think. In the height of the attention given to social media marketing, some business owners forget the other conventional ways that could complement other marketing strategies they have in place, failing to get the maximum results. Using cheap custom t-shirtsis a great way not only to promote specific products, but to push your brand and make it more recognizable as well. How do cheap custom t-shirts help your business? Here are a few ways:

  • Visibility. No matter what you do, people will always notice what other people are wearing. Especially if you have a great design team working in the background, putting your logo or your business name on custom made tees will put a mark on people who will be seeing them. It could be a way to remind past clients about your brand, and to introduce it to people who have never tried out your product or service.
  • Area Reached. Posters, billboards and other similar marketing tools can definitely grab the attention of many people at a single time, especially if you chance upon a great spot. However, the advertisement becomes limited if you think about the area it covers. A shirt that has your logo on it however, will reach all the places where the person wearing it goes. It can cross state lines and land borders, and could even go overseas!
  • Information Dissemination. Do you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts that badly need some followers? Custom made shirts are a great way to let people know that you’re online. You can also use these shirts to give out your contact numbers and your address, and other important details about the business that you would want people to know.
  • Product Catalogue. Giving out brochures and catalogues are a great way to let people know what you have to offer, but these often end up in trash bins. Having pictures of your products printed onto t-shirts would be a creative way to show people your products and services, and would be highly effective in catching the attention of potential customers who are more on the visual side.
  • Event Announcements. Are you celebrating the anniversary of your business? Will you be having big promos and other giveaways to commemorate this? Shirts are the perfect way to announce this to people. You can have friends, family and employees wear these shirts on the weeks leading to the event and have walking advertisements everywhere.
  • Corporate Giveaways. Sometimes, loyal customers expect a little something for their continued patronage of your products and services. Customized shirts are perfect giveaways for people who have kept your business growing, and would be the best way to show appreciation for their business.

Are there any other ways where cheap custom t-shirts helped your business out in the past? How effective were they for your business?