Many sports teams from all over the Edmonton area come to Rogue Star with the need for custom sport apparel. A common piece in sports team swag is the baseball cap. Now available in multiple sizes and colours, they are a practical and easy way to showcase team colours and crest. Here is a bit of history behind this popular head wear.

According to Wikipedia (August 22, 2017), it was the Brooklyn Excelsiors who first wore the early versions of the baseball cap in 1860. By the 1900’s, baseball caps became popular, nicknamed the “Brooklyn style.” These hats had a longer brim to keep sun out of the player’s eyes and had a floppy top to it.

Nowadays, the modern baseball cap has a brim that is obviously shorter and there is more structure to the cap due to the addition of rubber in the 1940’s. While the traditional cap only fit standard hat sizes, modern hats have the option of the “snap-back” (which is the familiar adjustment strap at the back), or the “stretch-fit” or sometimes known as “flex-fit” (which uses Lycra or rubber to allow size adjustments).

The baseball cap has been utilized by other organizations that are completely unrelated to this popular sport. For example, both military and police in a number of countries wear this standard hat as a signature piece of their uniform.

As a diverse accessory, baseball caps are a perfect method for showcasing team colours and logo. Feel free to give us a call so that we can find the best fit for you!

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