The t-shirt printing business is always looking for ways to innovate in terms of designs and materials. This constant need to innovate and bring new things into the market has led into the development of hemp t-shirt printing and more and more people are getting in on it. If you have never heard of hemp t-shirts or hemp t-shirt printing, you may want to learn more about it. It is relatively new in the market but it is growing bigger by the day.

Hemp T-shirts

Some of you might think that hemp t-shirts have some connection with marijuana but there is nothing illegal about them though they have some connection to the plant. Hemp and cannabis are cousins and they come from the same plant though there are some very obvious differences. Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa L. although the term hemp is commonly used to refer to the commercial and industrial use of the cannabis stalk to make fabrics, textiles, body care products, detergents, plastics, and building materials just to name a few. The term marijuana is used to refer to recreational, spiritual, and medicinal use of the plant. Industrial hemp contains only .3% to 1.5% so it is perfectly legal.

hemp t-shirt printingHemp t-shirts are the newest craze and for several very good reasons and they are probably why hemp t-shirt printing is reaching an unprecedented growth. If you want to know more about hemp t-shirts, check out some of its benefits and features below:

  • Hemp t-shirts are long lasting. Experts say that hemp may just be the strongest, most durable, and most long-lasting fabric in the world. It is a very strong fabric and also has antimicrobial properties which make it an excellent fabric for shirts and other textiles.
  • Hemp t-shirts retain heat. Hemp fibers have a hollow shaft which help the fabric retain warmth during cold winter months. They also insulate the body against warmth during the hotter summer months. What’s more, hemp does not need any synthetic herbicides and pesticides so you know your shirts are quite safe.
  • Hemp t-shirts are environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a statement tee and you want that statement to say you care for the earth, hemp is the way to go. As mentioned, it does not need synthetic herbicides and chemicals to grow so it is an environmentally-friendly option.

Another great thing about these hemp t-shirts and printing is that clothing that contain at least 50% hemp can block UV rays from the sun. Also they do not trap odor-causing bacteria like cotton and synthetic fabrics so this is perfect for people who are always on the go and lead active lifestyles.

You may buy these hemp shirts at clothing stores but if you really want to make your hemp clothing on your own, you may want to order them online. Not only will you enjoy better prices but you can also ask them to customize designs for your hemp shirts and use organic dyes and inks. After all, you want to get the most out of your hemp t-shirts, don’t you? Share your thoughts with us!