banner ads Businesses big and small have always relied on banners strategically strewn around town to catch the attention of their intended audiences. As technology blossomed, these banner ads have also become even more detailed and intricate, becoming even more appealing to anyone who sees them. So when you hear someone say that the banner ads that people have come to know so well have long been taken over by digital advertising, think twice before believing them. Because that is as far off from the truth as it could possibly be.

The truth is, digital advertising cannot fully take over and eliminate the presence of traditional advertising. Although it is true that digital advertising could turn out to be more impressive, there are still a few facts that you have to consider that proves how banner ads are still useful today.

  • Less costs. Let’s face it. New forms of digital advertising, like interactive media, are incredibly expensive. LCD screens with built-in media players may be bringing a better look to your ads, but let’s face it, small and medium businesses just couldn’t keep up with that all the time because of the long-term costs. A banner ad is definitely a more practical, and less expensive choice.
  • Targeted advertising. Whoever says that targeted advertising just can’t be done with traditional banner ads has no imagination at all. More often than not, it’s the design, and not the medium used, that decides whether a piece of ad speaks to a specific audience or not. And with the many different ways that a banner ad could be designed, the possibilities are endless. Do substantial research on what your audience’s tastes and preferences are, and let this affect your choices in color, wording, and overall visual design. This would make your ad say, “You! Yes, I’m talking to you!” to any member of the audience you’re after.
  • Accessibility. You can’t just place a billboard in the middle of a busy sidewalk. That’s something that is allowed only on bigger thoroughfares where there are less risks. Banners, however, are an entirely different story. Banners can be placed just about anywhere (with proper permission, of course) from storefronts to walls beside busy pavements.
  • Convenience. Getting tired of how your banner looks? Then take it down! Found a new spot where you could hang it and get more people seeing it? Then move it by all means! This is one of the biggest benefits of using a banner. It is so easy to put up, and just as easy to take down, that you could move it every few hours if you want to.

So you see, you could never really say that banner ads are dead. Traditional advertising through the use of banner ads can never really be replaced by modern digital advertising simply because there are too many things that traditional ads do better. Traditional advertising has always been a huge part of your marketing process, and will continue being part of it no matter how greater technology becomes.

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