Did you know that clothing customization goes beyond printing? Embroidery is a popular option that is stylish but holds a higher level of class among customized apparel. At Rogue Star you can order custom embroidered patches or classic embroidery to provide the perfect customization for you!

The artwork

A crucial detail in the creation of a custom embroidery patch is the design; it should revolve around the purpose of creating the patch in the first place. 


Now, artwork that looks pretty on paper won’t necessarily look pretty when embroidered, but with professionals by your side, you can eliminate the guesswork. We will adjust and make the best-looking patch possible.


No matter the design or it’s intent, you can work with the Rogue Star team to either create, fine-tune, or complete your artwork to fit your needs and that you will be proud to wear.

Digitizing the Design

Once the design artwork is ready, the experts Rogue Star will then proceed to digitize the artwork so it can be embroidered. This is one of the reasons why working us from the start is crucial. Since the quality of the artwork can make or break the design, having professionals at your disposal makes the process a little less challenging.


Place the order beforehand

Typically, it would be unwise to place an order for a custom patch last minute. Patch embroidery is quite the process, and it takes even longer if you are working with Rogue Star’s design team to fine tune your design. So, it is always a good idea is to place your custom patch order quite ahead of time.


Attach the Patch

There are two options you have to attach the patch to your apparel. The first option is to have the patch sewn on which provides a clean and secure attachment to any article of clothing. The second option is to have adhesive on the back of the patch that holds strong and leaves you worry-free about the feeling of inner stitching.


Over to you

Even though the process of ordering custom embroidery patches is simple, it is easy to feel lost or confused on where to start. Follow these tips to stay on track while ensuring you get the perfect patch design for your project through Rogue Star.