You could have all the trendiest clothes in the world, but there will always be a t-shirt or two in your closet that you would prefer over everything else. T-shirts are a great way to show the world your personality, especially if you have it customized with a design of your choice. With the number of different ways for you to personalize your shirts, you also have a wide range of choices on how to stand out in the crowd. And if you truly want people to stand up and take notice, using gold foil for t-shirts and digital printing for all your other customization needs are the perfect ways to do just that.

gold foil for t-shirtsGold Foil for T-Shirts

Using gold foil literally makes your t-shirts shine, and allows you to radiate that bright personality within you. Perfect for use during the day because of the way it lets the sun glint across the surface of your shirt, and even better at night with the way it reflects even the smallest light, it puts that oomph that you need for every statement, logo, and other kinds of design that you want on your shirt.

How does gold foil printing work? Gold foil is used to mark the design that you want to see, shaped according to the logo, icon, text, or other forms that you want to appear on your shirt. Heat will then allow the gold foil to be stamped on your shirt’s fabric, forever leaving a mark on your shirt that you can truly call your own. With proper care for the shirt, the design stays for as long as the shirt fits you, allowing you to enjoy its glossy shine for a really long time.

Digital Printing for T-Shirts

If you feel that a shiny finish is just not for you, then digital printing allows you to find more ways to customize your shirts without the added shine that using gold foil for t-shirts usually gives. Digital printing allows you to be more flexible with your design, giving you the chance to go all out in terms of detail. Because the design is finalized using a computer, it gives you the artistic freedom to use various colors and shapes, taking away the usual creative limitations that come with screen printing.

How does digital printing work? Your artwork is processed using a computer, allowing you to pay attention to even the smallest details that you want to be seen on your shirt design. The ink is then applied to the fabric directly, using a thinner coat than the usual printing methods. This makes the design lighter and cooler, making it the perfect approach for light shirts that you would usually wear during the summer, or when doing activities that would require you to wear something that does not become heavy as you sweat.

With these methods on customizing your shirts, you definitely have all the chances in the world to make your personality shine no matter where you wear them. Have you tried these t-shirt decorating methods when designing your shirts? What do you think of them? We would love to hear from you!