With Valentine’s Day around the corner, people are struggling to come up with unique gifts to give to their loved ones. At Rogue Star, we understand that nothing is more valued than the personal touch. Whether you’re talking DTG printing or embroidery, our methods can help you create the perfect gift for someone special.


Pillows make a simple yet great gift between couples. All you have to do is bring in your fabric and we can add that custom flare. You can be super sweet by DTG printing your favourite photo of the two of you onto a throw pillow for good memories. Embroidery can add a vintage twist to a super cheesy blurb (it’s sure to put a smile on his face, even if there is an eye roll). Or you can do something more thoughtful by printing his or her favourite sports team logo or character of interest. Either way, what’s more romantic than a fluffy sack of love that you can sleep on?


Towels are another unique idea. Not only is it a keepsake, but it’s useful! Using this day of love to pop the question? Print it on a towel and gift it to her as a surprise! Planning a vacation soon? This is a thoughtful gift that reflects how well you know your significant other and prepares you for sunny beaches. Does he work in the shop and go through a lot of hand towels? Get something simple decorated on a cheap set.  You won’t feel bad when they get ruined by grease, and he gets a nice reminder throughout the day that he’s loved. You can even get kitchen towel sets decorated for the chef or baker, or a bathroom set for those who love a spa day. There are so many possibilities!

Toques and Scarves

Let’s be honest Edmontonians. It’s February. We are just entering the worst of the winter months. Everyone needs a cute pair of toques and scarves. And just like your love, if you pick the right design, it can be worn year-round. Perhaps matching toques, might be a little uncomfortable, but pairing a toque for you and a scarf for her might be a cute  idea. Warm accessories are always fun to announce your interests, even if that interest is a certain someone.


And of course, when all else fails, apparel is the way to go. Giving your love a sweater with the popular 90’s “Hands Off” slogan gives it a whole different meaning. So stake your claim or decorate a T-shirt with Deadpool’s logo or print cat paws on some pants. The most personal gift is a custom shirt that you put thought into. Show them your love.