When you are cheering your favourite basketball team during the final seconds of the game, the atmosphere is exhilarating. Tensions run high, tempers flare, the noise is deafening but you can still hear the tick of the clock. Then the star player takes that final 3-pointer shot that overturns the result in your team’s favour! You all burst out with jubilation dancing, singing  and praising your hero and team, as you all enjoy the moment of the win!  Such are the moments that make us love to play and watch basketball!

Basketball is not solely about the best team and winning the most games or championships – it’s also about the team themselves. Being a team means having a common goal and unity towards achieving that goal. Matching team jerseys increase this sense of belonging and unity for both the players and the fans.  The fans wear their teams’ jerseys to show solidarity with the team, to encourage them, and get a sense of belonging of being an extended team member.

Basketball jerseys are designed with features to optimize them for wearers, which include:

Moisture wicking fabric

Basketball being a high intensity and engaging game; players sweat a lot and that’s why moisture wicking fabric comes into play. This fabric is able to absorb the sweat away from the body to the outer side of the fabric where it can easily evaporate. This in turns keeps the players cool and fresh. Basketball jerseys are designed with features to optimize them for wearers, which include:

Odour resistance

Many basketball jerseys are made to be odour resistant. Once sweat dries, it is normal for a distinctive odour to come out. However, the basketball jerseys are designed to prevent this and the players can enjoy the game having peace of mind that they are staying and smelling fresh.


Polyester is a lightweight material normally used in making basketball jerseys. Polyester is a preferred material not only because it is light, hence more comfortable for the players to wear, but also because it doesn’t soak in sweat and dries up fast. Polyester also offers good ventilation properties.

Basketball jerseys are also customizable for the team and fans:

  • Sizes and fit- Basketball jerseys are normally manufactured in different sizes and fit. Men’s, women’s and youth jerseys are tailored differently to suit the different body shapes and sizes.
  • Colours- Basketball jerseys can be chosen in different team colours. The jersey colour can be chosen to contrast with features such as the team logo, player’s number and name.
  • Reversible – Jerseys can be designed to be reversible – home game colours on one side, and away games on other



The design perhaps brings out the most distinctive differences in basketball jerseys. Coloured contrasting inserts are placed within the jersey to offer more unique look and feel. These inserts can include patterns, colour blocks, camo or stripes around the arm holes, side panels, neck or shoulders.

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