glitter shirt ideasWith the holidays coming up, there is no doubt that glitter shirts or anything sparkly will take up most of the retail space in your favorite shopping outlets. This is the season to dress up all glitzy, after all. In no time, give or take a few weeks, all your glittered and sequined clothes will make its way from the back of your closet back to your easily accessible dress rack.

Sparkly shirts are easy to DIY, if you prefer not to purchase any glittered clothing for the coming holidays. There are a number of ways to create and personalize your clothes with colorful specks of dust—the internet has quite an archive of glitter shirt ideas. Here are cool glitter shirt ideas:

Sparkly Monogrammed Shirt

Materials needed:

A print out or stencil of your letter of choice in your favorite typeface

Cotton shirt

Scissors and tape

Wax paper

Metallic fabric paint

Glitter acrylic paint

Pouncer brush

Paint tray


Use some wax paper to trace the outline of your monogram (which you printed out) and using a cutter, cut out the monogram. To get the right placement of the monogram, tape the outlined monogram to the shirt while worn. With a warm iron, press the wax paper to the shirt. Using a pouncer brush, dab on both metallic fabric paint and glitter acrylic paint on your stencil. Since the paint would go on rather transparent, make sure to apply a generous amount of coating to achieve your desired results. Once the paint dries up completely, pull the stencil off the shirt very carefully and slowly.

Glitter Accent Shirt

Materials needed:

A polo shirt, chambray if possible

Fabric mod podge



Lay your shirt on a flat surface, making sure the collar sits flat as well. If it needs some ironing, don’t hesitate to do so. Mix your glitter concoction in a little dish – a good ration of glitter to Mod Podge is 1:1. Paint on the collar of your shirt and pretty much anywhere else you want glitter to sit on. One coat will come out quite sheer, so make sure to pile it on to achieve your desired effect!

Striped Glitter Shirt

Materials needed:

Plain t-shirt

Fabric paint



Fabric marker

Tape, optional

Paper, pencil, and ruler to draw your design


Lay out your shirt on a flat surface. Decide what design you want on your shirt. You can draw a design template on a sheet of drawing paper if you wish. Once you have decided on the design, slide the template under the shirt. Using a fabric marker, trace the design on your shirt. It’s best to keep the piece of paper under the shirt even after tracing to keep the paint (which will be used in the next steps) from bleeding through. In a small bowl, mix some fabric paint with your choice of glitter. Using your paintbrush, start painting over your traced design! If you wish, sprinkle some more glitter while the paint is wet.

Have you any more glitter shirt ideas? Do share them with the rest of us!