Here at Rogue Star, our Edmonton customers are familiar with our usual printing techniques for apparel. We have silk screening, DTG printing, embroidery, sublimation, and heat transfer applications. But what if there was something more? Something that really jazzed up your order? Well friends, it has happened! Rogue Star is now bringing you three new options to really get that one-of-a-kind look!

InFusion Printing

This is a method of printing similar to silk screening that uses water-based ink that becomes untouchable once finished on the fabric. It is great for high resolution detail and leaves a breathable decoration. While it uses the same CMYK colour process as DTG printing, white ink is not availble. This is a great option for those who want a polished retail look.

HXD Decoration

Most are familiar with the left chest location for placing their company logo on a shirt. Our customers have used silk screening, DTG printing, embroidery, sublimated patches, and heat transfers to get the desired effect that they want. Now, Rogue Star has a fancy new addition for company shirts. HXD Decoration is very cool. A 2D image of your logo is taken and a die is created. That die is then used to create a 3D plastic version of your logo that can be textured and even have a metallic finish! It has an adhesive backing that is pressed on using heat. This method is extremely durable and can be used on anything, even vehicles!

Laser Printing

Laser printing is fantastic for a subtle yet interesting effect. A laser is used to essentially burn away the top layer and coating of a fabric to give it a highly unique tone-on-tone detail. It is very precise and great with “carving” out small details. This method can be used virtually anywhere on the garment. It can also be combined with a special type of transfer to give a pop of colour that’s sunken into the fabric. Whether you want a subtle decoration or just some accents on your apparel, laser printing is definitely a creative option.

If you’re interested in using one of these special printing methods, contact us and we can help you create the perfect product!