When people hear of custom apparel, their first thought is usually an article of clothing nicely embroidered. In fact, embroidery is one of the oldest textile methods in the clothing industry. The technological advancement in this technique has allowed for more volumes to be produced at an affordable price in a considerably shorter amount of time than what it used to be a couple of hundred years ago.

The first embroidery machine, called the behemoth, was patented by Josue Heilmann 20 years before Isaac Singer’s invention of the sewing machine in 1846. The fabric moved towards the needle which allowed for mobility in any direction. An operator would use his left hand to guide the pattern while his right hand would crank a wheel that allowed the needles to pierce the fabric and his feet would control the clamps on the needles. While this was still a mechanical process, this machine did the work of about four hand-stitchers (Henry, 2015).

Today, computerized embroidery machines can stitch anything from thin lace to thick leather. Due to digital consistency, one design can be replicated identically multiple times, making large orders more appealing. The rate at which these machines function is so fast, hand-embroiders can’t even compete.

Here at Rogue Star, there are two main reasons why our customers would ask for an embroidery project: company and/or sports recognition, or gifts. There are many options for either intention.

Everyone is familiar with embroidery on clothing. Whether it’s a favourite sports jacket with the school crest embroidered on the left chest, a company polo with the logo stitched on the back, or a toque with a catchy phrase embroidered on the front, everyone is accustomed to this medium. You can always get creative by choosing pieces that aren’t commonly stitched, such as soft gloves, scarves, even socks. Perhaps a headband, or soft bracelet. There are so many options with embroidery.

As long as you have fabric, you can get embroidery done. That’s why many of our clients have gotten creative and brought in fabric squares that they later turn into a quilt or special picture frame. Some people bring in pillow cases to make for gifts. You may have to put in a bit more effort to get that finished product, but the personal touch is why you wanted to do a custom piece anyways, right?

A classic method of creating unique items, embroidery is still a very much a utilized process in the manufacturing of custom clothing and goods. Get in touch with us and we can get started on your new project!

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