The world is slowly but surely becoming more environmentally conscious and sustainable and adopting these practices within your company can appeal to many consumers and potential clients. Eco friendly branded promotional products that feature all-natural materials, recycled materials, and products that are intended for long term reuse are the perfect way to send a green message and make a positive impact on the environment.

Today, we’re helping you explore some of our favourite eco-friendly options that you can have branded. Take a look and get inspired!


Opt for sleek, natural looking writing gear for your next order! Many eco friendly writing products feature recycled materials, organic materials, or a monetary contribution to environmental efforts. The natural look is gorgeous and unique which will have your products standing out from the rest!


Reusable products that are handy for travelling and when plastics bans get the best of you. Reusable products encourage reuse of products that typically have disposable but non-compostable alternatives.

Reusable straws are increasing in popularity and come in a variety of styles, colours, and expanding features. They are incredibly convenient to have on hand for use at a moment’s notice and come with carrying cases that keep them clean and accessible all day long.

One of the most easily adoptable reusable products is drinkware. Consumers use fewer single-use plastic bottles and to-go cups, which is a huge plus for sustainability! Mug, tumblers, bottles, and thermoses come in so many shapes and sizes that you’ll get lost in a sea of options. You’re bound to find something that speak for your brand and to your audience.

Another great consumable alternative are reusable lunch boxes and cutlery sets. They’re great at compartmentalizing food and utensils and offer so many varieties for style so you can find the perfect fit for your brand!

A bonus and cost effective option: Seeded items and growables to encourage the growth of greenery that help repair of the environment as well as sustainable food, herbs, and more. Watch your brand and your plants grow!


Nowadays, there are so many eco friendly bag options to choose from. Some are made with recycled or organic materials and others contribute a percentage back to environmental efforts when you make your purchase! These bag options present you with ways to recycle previous waste and ways that prevent more waste from being made. Reuse stylish backpacks, lunch bags, fanny packs, packing totes, and more! You can be sure to find a style that suits your branding!


Our team thinks it’s pretty neat to be green and we love when clients ask us for eco friendly apparel options. We offer garments that feature recycled fabrics or plastics and organic materials that make reusing more purposeful and production less wasteful. Take your pick – masks, shirts, sweaters, pants, and more! You’re bound to find a trendy option that suits your style so that you and your audience can feel extra confident strutting the streets (with environmental consciousness)!

Got some eco inspiration? Let’s get started on your order! Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of reps with knowledge about branded products you can choose from to help relieve the stress of ordering. We’re happy to help you weigh your options and make a selection so that your order is a breeze! We specialize in all things custom apparel and promotional products that can be decorated using screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, and more! We can even ship your order to you whether you’re local to Edmonton or elsewhere in Alberta or Canada. Give us a call now to get started!