tie dye techniquesTie dyeing is one of the most common methods of printing on shirts. But did you know that apart from circle patterns, you can also tie dye in various other methods? There are many different techniques you can use to come up with a great variation of designs for your tie dyed creations.

Here are some of the easiest tie dye techniques you can use to come up with simple yet cool T-shirt designs for your home crafting projects:

  • Stripes – Start by rolling the bottom of your shirt upward until you reach the very top. Once you have a log of fabric, tie your rubber bands or nylon strings as tightly as you can throughout the sections of your shirt. You can alternate colors by squirting on the dye. Doing this will result in vertical stripes.
  • Shapes – If you want a certain shape on your shirt—such as a circle, triangle, diamond, or any other symmetrical shape, you can do this with tie dye techniques as well. Draw half of your design on one part of the shirt. Fold your shirt in half, and begin folding pleats while making sure you fold in a way that your drawn on pattern meets on each pleat. Wrap your string or rubber band right above the pattern you drew. Dye as usual, or squirt on the colors as you please.
  • Dramatic circle – This is one of the easiest tie dye techniques but with a simple twist, it can be very dramatic. Pinch a point on your fabric in which you would like to make the circle on. Wrap your rubber band or string very tightly where you want your circular perimeter to be. There are several variations on how you can do this. You can tie strings in intervals until you reach the center, poke the central part of the circle before tying, or tying your string in a manner that would result in an acorn-like pattern all over the circle. You can dip this in one color or even squirt colors on individual sections.
  • Swirly spiral – This is an easy technique which would help you come up with a spiral similar to that which coffee artists make on their foamy creations. Lay your fabric on a flat surface and pinch the part which you want as the center. Start twisting the cloth and every once in a while, flatten the other parts of the cloth which are beginning to swirl around your fingers. When you have your cloth in a good circular shape, take your string and tie it in a pizza division-like manner, leaving wedge sections on the shirt. Maintain the circular shape of your fabric when tying. Dip this in one color or squirt different colors if you please.

These easy techniques for tie dyeing may take some practice but with a bit of time and effort, you’d be able to come up with great designs and patterns! Are you curious about what these prints would look like? Try them out today and see the beautiful designs for yourself!

If you have tried any of these tie-dye techniques, please comment below about your experience. We’d like to hear from you!