Easter is another holiday that’s full of feasting and get-togethers with family. In Edmonton, children participate in Easter egg hunts while the adults enjoy the stat holiday (whether it’s time off or the extra pay). Apparently, celebrations of many cultures around this time follow a common theme: birth, rebirth, and new beginnings. With the turn in the season from winter to spring, it’s easy to see the correlation. The symbolism brought forth by Easter reinforces that concept. Eggs and baby animals obviously represent newness and hares/rabbits/bunnies represent fertility. Pastel colours in pink, blue, yellow, and green also represent youth and vitality. To kick off winter and welcome in spring on a positive note, why not partake in some fun Easter gifts for all ages?


Stickers are just one of those gifts that are perfect for all ages. As a child, stickers become the perfect addition to a book or poster. For adults, this is a great promotional tool that not only gets your name around, but positively showcases your company’s ability to have fun with the season.


Majority of people enjoy chocolate, and nowadays, people rarely do Easter egg hunts without it! Whether you want to have personalized eggs for your kids or a little something for your employees, we have something for you!


This is a gift that is very thoughtful and truly shows your appreciation. Embroider a baby duck on it with eggs and give it to the cook who made your delicious Easter dinner. If your business is a spa, how about some custom printed Easter face cloths for your team? It’s easy to add some Easter flare to your kitchen or bathroom!


And where would anyone be without an Easter T-shirt? Whether you are 3 or 30, rocking a super cute bunny on a tee is a true Easter experience and sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Need help deciding how to customize your Easter? Contact us and we’ll help you out!