So, if you are wondering what printing method you must choose, then this blog is here to help. We will take an in-depth look into both DTG (direct-to-garment) and screen printing, as well as their respective processes, to decide which works better for your needs. 

Screen Printing and its Working

Screen printing is a process in which the ink is pushed through the woven screen onto the fabric. 

For the process, a special screen is made for every element of the design. Once the screens are made, the elements and colours are applied layer by layer. But with screen printing, the ink doesn’t get soaked into the fabric; it lays on the top. This means, if your design has more layers, the process will take longer and result in a thicker design. This also means that there are some limitations to the design you can have printed using this method.


Is it the right choice?

Screen printing can be cost-effective if the designs have simple graphics. However, the upfront investment is a must for the process. 

The final price of screen printing relies on the total number of colours used in the design as well as the number of screens required to print the design. This is where screen printing can get financially challenging, especially if you want to experiment with designs. 


Direct-to-Garment and its Working

Direct-to-garment is a process that sprays ink directly onto the garment. The ink gets soaked into the garment’s fibre. Basically, DTG is more so like printing on paper, but on clothing, instead. DTG is quite easy to print one-offs because there is no setup time. Even if the order is placed for a single t-shirt, Rogue Star can print and send it directly to the customers with quick turnaround times.

The DTG method also offers a lot of colour options. This means you can print photorealistic images and detailed designs with almost zero colour limitations as our pricing does not print based off colour amount, but rather the size of your artwork.


Is DTG printing eco-friendly?

Is It The Right Choice?

DTG is quite sustainable printing model because printing one-offs enables the business to avoid overproduction and even textile waste. As well, there is minimal water needed to use DTG.

DTG printing is a stress-free way of getting products ready for our customers in no time. 

As well, we have no minimum orders for DTG products. This means it is possible to use DTG as a printing service on-demand for one-off orders, or for over one hundred units!


 We hope our breakdown of both printing methods helps you in making the best printing decision for your needs!