Rogue Star offers lots of different print options – you can add your company name logo, design your t-shirt the way you want, and make it custom to your order.

Before creating custom t-shirts, you need to know which print method you’d need. Therefore, today we will guide you through several types of t-shirt printing and explaining which printing method is the ideal choice for you.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

This is a new method introduced in 2005. In this process, the printing material is directly printed on the t-shirt. Direct to Garment printing offers bright colours, and tons of design details. A DTG printer carries out the printing, it is essentially the same as printing by an inkjet printer on paper.

The creator can easily print complex designs and colours. The printers do not need to create some setup to print the t-shirts. This is the best choice if the printing needs to be done on short notice. Only natural fibres such as Cotton, or Bamboo can be used with this print method.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the oldest method of print that you would see still being produced. Although they have optimized this method, it still has the longest set up time, and requires an order over 24 units. Bulk orders on screen-printing are the most cost-effective option of print, however screen-printing remains vibrant and lasts long.

Since the printer guarantees exact replication, consistent quality and durability, many creators prefer this method. You can use the templates used for screen printing several times.



In this process, coloured polyurethane sheets are cut as per the design using a plotter and cutting machine. This print method is applied with a Heat Press, using high pressure and heat. They are mainly used to add numbers and names on the jerseys of sports players, but they can be used for simple designs on single unit orders.

There are many options such as reflective prints, neon prints, metallic foil prints and glitter prints can be printed. The print does not crack or fade over time and is the perfect choice for a limited number of t-shirts.

Heat Transfers

Heat Transfers are very similar to Cad Cuts, except they have the option to print the art on the paper before cutting it out. You are able to get lots of detail, and bright colours – However since it is being cut out, it needs to be simple enough that it can have a border.

This is best for logos that are too small for Vinyl cutting, or printing on Polyester and Nylon garments.



This method is mainly done on polyester t-shirts and when the printing needs to be done all over a t-shirt. In this process, the design is first printed onto sublimation paper, then placed on the t-shirt that needs to be printed. This is carried out at high temperatures and pressure. These prints last long, and the wearer cannot feel the print.

This is best for Bulk orders, designs that are not able to be printed any other way, or shirts with a bring from seam to seam.

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