T-shirts are a regular part of everybody’s wardrobe, no matter what your personal style may be. They actually prove to be the perfect form of self-expression and could show your personality in so many creative ways. The different ways to decorate t-shirts could help you send the message across even better, giving you the chance to create designs that add an exclamation point in every statement. T-shirt laser etching for example, has become one of the most popular ways to add design to any kind of shirt.

t-shirt laser etchingHow Laser Etching is Different

Laser etching is the process of printing shirt designs by having the design itself burned into the fabric of the shirt. Because of this unique process, shirts that have gone through this process feel and look so much different from the usual screen printed or embroidered shirts. Here are a few things that could make t-shirt laser etching a better option for you and your shirts:

  • It’s lightweight. Because laser etching does not necessarily add a new layer on top of the fabric, this also means that the design makes your shirt remain lightweight. The fact that the print is technically integrated into the strands of fabric means that it does not add weight to the shirt no matter how big or complicated your design may be. This is very different from screen printing where the design is added into the fabric as a new layer, making it thicker and heavier. The same thing goes for embroidered shirts where the area where the design is placed thickens because of the new layer of thread weaved into it.
  • It’s cooler. Yes, laser etched shirt designs are more hip, fabulous, and trendy. But they are also cooler in the literal sense of the word. As mentioned before, laser etching does not add an entirely new layer to the fabric, which means that the shirt remains as cool as it was before the design was added. Screen printing and embroidery makes the shirt thicker in the areas where the design is, making it more uncomfortable to wear especially when the weather is hot.
  • You can’t feel it. This is one thing that makes it somewhat irritating to wear an embroidered shirt sometimes. You can really feel the areas where the stitches are on your skin, making it uncomfortable to wear especially when the thread used is coarse. Screen printing also has the same effect sometimes as the areas printed on end up getting stiffer. These do not happen with laser etching. The shirt remains as soft and as comfortable to wear as it has always been, even when the design has already been printed on it.

Try t-shirt laser etching out and feel its difference from other approaches to shirt design. It could actually be the solution that you’re looking for if you want to have your shirts customized with your own design. What about you? Have you tried laser etched shirts before? Did you notice the difference?