Custom Cut and Sew Sublimation: A vibrant and unique way
to customize your promotional clothing



“Cut and sew” is a prevalent term in the urban fashion industry to describe a garment which has been customized from raw fabric, instead of a pre-made garment purchased from a supplier and then screen-printed afterward. So instead of your custom graphic artwork design being printed onto an already assembled garment, your garment will consist of pieces that are designed first, and then later assembled by sewing together.

With custom cut and sew sublimation, the fabric pieces are laid flat on an industrial heat press where your custom design is transferred and is absorbed into the fabric  – a process called dye sublimation.  The printed fabric pieces are then sewn together to create the final garment.

The cut and sew sublimation process is used extensively in sportswear such as cycling gear, hoodies and swimming costumes, as well as employee and team uniforms.

The main aim of customizing any product is for it to be unique and stand out among the rest, so that it can convey a particular message or serve a certain purpose. Cut and sew achieves this effectively because design and printing is done before the garment is assembled, offering unique customization opportunities.

The biggest advantage of custom cut and sew sublimation is the ability to print over the entire garment – shoulders, arms, sleeves etc. without the blurring creasing or smudging which can happen when printing on pre-assembled clothing. Custom cut and sew sublimation gives you choice in which areas you want decorated, or left blank, allowing creation of a truly unique piece of clothing. You can also use different types of fabric, or use different decoration methods on some pieces ie embroidery.

The  cut and sew sublimation process means that your vivid and photo realistic designs are never heavy or thick. The garment is unchanged by the process, save for the addition of your graphic artwork. And there is no cracking or peeling in a sublimated print, the designs last as long as your garment does!

Although it can be more costly, the quality of custom cut and sew sublimation makes for a superior design to really showcase your team, company or promotional product.

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