Kings, Queens, and everything in between! Pride season is right around the corner and Rogue Star is just as excited as you are! Have you ever wanted so desperately to show off your pride in style but just aren’t sure about where to get your stuff? Well look no further because Rogue Star has your back! We have insane variety of products that you can get customized with either your custom pride design, one of our expert’s designs, or just a simple pride flag of your choice on almost anything!



We are able to do a little or a lot to a shirt. We can offer a few different print methods and designs on almost any type of shirt you could think of! We have tanks, tees, long sleeves, and more! See some of our own expertly designed examples below!


Girls, gays, theys, and all! We have a fantastic selection of hoodies that we can customize to your desire. We have full length hoodies! We have Cropped hoodies! We have hoodies that barely keep you warm and hoodies that make you swelter! Whatever preference you may have, we offer it! With a custom design printed onto it to boot! (We also are 100% allies and will not judge anything or anyone for their orders!)

Have a look below for some of your options!


We all still have to stay safe. Be it by mandate or by personal choice, mask wearing has become one of the norms of today. But that doesn’t mean they have to be basic!

We have a pretty decent few options for masks that are more comfortable and stylish for you to wear while also having the ability to add a little bit of spicy flare to it that will show your pride!




Yes! We even customize underwear! Please make sure it is brand new though, even clean underwear will… produce aroma when we heat press a design onto it. Nonetheless, bring us your favorite style of underwear and we will put a tasteful pride design of your choice onto it!


Of course, flags are a staple statement piece to showing off your pride! We can offer any pride flag you’re looking for! Whether it’s the all-for-one pride flag or whether you’d like to show of your trans pride or a more specific type of pride then we got you!



*These are only some of the examples! If you have a specific flag not shown here feel free to inquire!*



If you don’t want to go all out, or wanted to add a little bit more to your fab pride fit then you can order custom pins to tie everything together! You can wear them, sell them, or simply give them to any and all who like them and want to support what they stand for!


We are excited for Pride Season! If you want to get even more excited by getting some new pride gear, contact Rogue Star today to get your order started!