T-shirt printing is a great way to come up with unique t-shirt designs. Apart from using paint or heat transfer vinyl sheets, there are also t-shirt designing methods that add not just visual appeal but actual texture as well. These t-shirt design methods include flocking and rhinestones.

custom rhinestone t-shirtWhat is Flocking?

Flocking may refer to the process of depositing flock or many small fiber particles onto the surface. This term may also refer to the texture produced by the process itself. This printing technique makes use of heat transferring as well where the flock will be pressed onto the shirt to transfer the design.

Flocked shirts are characterized by having a velvety or somewhat fuzzy surface that is a bit elevated from the shirt, giving the design more texture. Usually, flock gives a matte finish reminiscent of fine grass or an even distribution of algae. It can be used for designs like letters and figures and would stick well with almost all kinds of fabric as long as the right heat settings are used.

Flock materials come in a variety of colors, and when properly transferred, they retain their quality and vibrancy even after several washes. Because of the unique finish they have compared to spray painted or silk-screen prints, flocked designs may have a more luxurious plush feel.

What are Rhinestones?

Rhinestones are crystal stimulants that can be used for arts and crafts. They are similar to loose crystals but they have flat sides which allow them to be placed on surfaces with the use of adhesives. A custom rhinestone t-shirt makes use of iron-on rhinestones with strong adhesive sides that allow them to stick on shirts permanently.

Unlike flock, rhinestones have shiny finishes and crystalline surfaces that lend them reflective properties. These rhinestones come in different sizes and colors, and these are what can make a custom rhinestone t-shirt unique. The combination of different sizes and colors allows for more creativity in achieving designs and patterns on shirts.

Rhinestones that are used for custom t-shirt printing usually come in loose form and can then be arranged to get the desired design. Iron-ons that can be bought from craft stores usually have their own pre-set designs, but since they can be cut, they can also be manipulated for custom purposes.

Flocking and Rhinestones Together

Using flock and rhinestones together achieve a great effect because of the contrast that these materials give. The matte finish of flock allows the rhinestones to look shinier while the shine of rhinestones make flocked surfaces look more alive. They truly complement each other and help come up with highly textured shirts.

The flock comes first and serves as the base which will then be accentuated by the rhinestones. Together, they achieve a complementing layer of designs that make use of two distinctly different materials for a better overall look. While rhinestones can be bought from craft stores, coming across flock in smaller quantities may be difficult and transferring it may require special equipment as well which is why it should be left to professional t-shirt printers. Do you like the look that flock and rhinestones have together?