Aren’t you forgetting something? Double check your packing list and you’ll find that you forgot to include your custom vacay apparel for that upcoming trip! Annual vacations, first trips to Disney, cruises, and any other group trips are not complete without custom pieces that scream “We’re having fun making memories!”. Choose from shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, and more!



  • Matching apparel is fun and stylish! It makes for great pictures and a great time.
  • Packing and picking outfits is even easier! You may have packed 7 pairs of shoes for just such an occasion, but there’s no humming and hawing on your group matching days.
  • Staying together and getting noticed will be easier than ever! You’ll know exactly what to look out for while you’re searching for your friends and family and you’ll likely get a few compliments along the way.
  • They’re better than cookie-cutter souvenirs. They’re likely better quality and less inexpensive than what’s at the gift shops and you can have your pick of style, colour, and sizing. Plus, personalized souvenirs hold even more memories!
  • It’s the perfect way to enhance a celebration on vacation! Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries – apparel can make the trip AND the event special.
  • Ordering ahead helps you prepare for weather instead of problem solving when it hits! Tank tops and hats for the burning sun, jackets for the rain, warm hoodies for the snow and cold! Hand pick how you want to prevent any weather mishaps to make for a smoother experience.
  • Names – first, last, nicknames, couple names – you name it!
  • Destinations – general countries, specific cities, or even a map of locations
  • Dates – travel year, dates, month
  • Events – birthday, anniversary, bachelorette, wedding, reunion
  • Theme – Disney, winter wonderland, pirates
  • Images/symbols – memorable photos, location related icons, favourite characters

Now leave the designing up to us! Throw us a reference image or leave it to our experts to create your design, because you’re going to be too busy planning your getaway! We’ll get it done quickly and easily so that your ultimate trip souvenir is hassle free and memorable. Give us a call now – don’t wait until the last minute like the rest of your packing and planning!