Summer is coming and we all know what that means: camp season! Summer camp is one of the most anticipated events of the summer for, well… anyone! The best way to enhance the experience and get camp goers pumped is with camp apparel! t-shirts

If you’re hosting a camp this season, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need to outfit your attendees. Camp shirts are sometimes required for attendees and staff to help identify everyone or to keep them safe, but there’s no doubt that they remain the most classic keepsake. Don’t let your imagination end there though! Switch up sleeve length and texture or throw in other garments like hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, or hats so that everyone is prepared for rain or shine.

Take it one step further with other items like blankets, lanyards, tumblers, and bags! No matter the swag, you have options to explore beyond the have-to items. Throw a little bit of this or that in for giveaways and awards during different camp events!


Ordering items for a camp is one of the best times to take advantage of bulk pricing. Outfitting every camper becomes a little more affordable the more units your order. Make sure to explore different garments for different purposes and price points. Cotton based garments are great for keeping costs low and campers warm. Polyester based garments are great for high activity and are moisture wicking but may increase the price per unit. The most cost-effective printing method for bulk orders is screen printing. Just keep in mind that the more colours in your design means the higher the cost.


Time to have your pick! Start off with garment colours. Base them off your camp branding, teams, events, attendees vs. staff, or make them bright for easy identification. Remember that whatever colour you pick should go well with your logo/design and ink colours! Don’t have a design? That’s what we’re for! Throw us your ideas and we’ll be sure to capture what your camp is about.

Got an idea now? Good! Hand it off to us and we’ll handle the rest! We’ll help get you and your campers outfitted for your favourite days of the year. Build a stronger sense of community and create a little piece of history that everyone can take along with them for years to come!