Stickers are among the earliest inventions of advertisement and their popularity has been increasing steadily over time. Since they stick to most surfaces, custom stickers are very flexible and can be used in many ways and in strategic places to maximize their effectiveness.

The commonest use of stickers is product labels however other popular uses include window stickers, political campaigns, sale prices, name tags, and bumper stickers.


Custom stickers are made by printing your custom artwork, logo or design on a sheet of paper or plastic which has pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. Sticker material is most commonly paper, however vinyl, latex and polyester are also used and can make more durable or weather resistant stickers.

The great thing about stickers is that you can print almost any design on them to meet your needs – the limit is your imagination!

The material on which your design will be custom printed comes in a wide variety of pre-designed shapes and sizes including circles, ovals, rectangles, glow in the dark, double-sided window cling, calendar pads and much more.  However to create a custom shape, your supplier will print your design on a large sheet or roll and then cut around the contour of your design.

The printing and cutting process can be done in as little as a few hours depending on how many stickers you need, making stickers a promotional item with one of the fastest turnaround times!

Only a few low cost materials and tools are required to create a sticker.  And since the overall cost of each sticker can be as low as a few pennies, this makes stickers one of cheapest promotional items and forms of advertising.

Stickers are a cheap and effective option which can be distributed in large numbers and in many different places. Depending on your creativity in terms of design and placement, there is no limit to how they can be used.

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