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Sports teams are a fun way to stay fit, promote unity and togetherness, and spend time with your friends, family or colleagues.  Custom matching shirts or uniforms are a big part of showing your team spirit, brand and team personality, plus they are a great piece of memorabilia that team members and supporters will treasure for years to come.

Type of shirts 

Whether your team plays hockey, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer or other sports, there are a wide variety of shirts available to help your team win with style..  even if you don’t win the game!  Each shirt is built to meet the design, comfort and performance needs of that specific sport.

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When buying a custom t-shirt for team, choose from a range fabric material options that provide comfort as well as style.  T-shirts fabric is often available in cotton or polyester but depending on the sport, a more specialized material may be a better choice.

For example moisture wicking fabric is built to draw moisture or dampness away from the skin keeping the wearer dry and comfortable, and temperature specific fabrics protect the wearer from warmth or cold depending on the sports need.

Learn about the importance of fabric choice.


Having custom shirts or t-shirts made is a great way to create something unique and high quality and really show what your team is made of!

By embroidering or printing your team logo and design, you can even individualize each shirt with a team member’s name and number, making them even more effective and a great keepsake.

And when you create a custom soccer shirt  don’t forget your fans! Either order extras for your supporters, or print custom cotton t-shirts with your team logo and colours to help  keep costs down.


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Double down pricing and savings

Need to save? Ordering large quantities often offers a bulk discount but you may also cut costs in half by ordering reversible shirts. Reversible shirts give you your home and away shirts all in one; home colours on one side and away on the other!

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