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Marketing is a fundamental part of doing business. Traditional and modern innovative methods are available, and some are more effective than others, so it can be hard to decide what your marketing mix should be. However giving away custom products is seen as one of the most successful promotional ideas for small start-ups as well as large international corporations.

Just take a look next time you visit a mall and observe what everybody is wearing. You will notice people wearing shirts of popular brands such as Redbull, Adidas, Samsung and Nike. So, what makes custom shirts a very popular promotional tool?


They are a cheap and effective mode of advertisement

Custom shirts are an inexpensive method of advertisement. Buying shirts and printing company colours and logos on them is far cheaper compared to other forms of advertisements such as TV commercials, newspaper or radio ads or even internet. A well designed or themed shirt can be sold at a profit, worn by your employees, or given away for free!


They last for many years

While other forms of advertisements such as TV ads, internet ads and print ads may only be shown for a short time or thrown away, custom logo shirts are generally worn for a very long time. A good quality custom embroidered shirt could  promote your brand for over ten years.


They are conversion starters

The most effective method of advertisement is through word of mouth, and people will talk about what they see. Custom shirts are equivalent to walking billboards which people will easily see and talk about, especially when the design uses a large imprint area. Logo exposure for well designed quality custom shirts is very high as people tend to wear them outside often,  for example at the gym and at weekends.


They are able to cover a wide market niche

Whether a tee or a sport shirt, almost everyone wears a shirt at some point … from business owners, to students and kids – in all markets and most cultures.  Some companies even hire people to wear their custom shirts in a corporate event to market their brands more. This effectively helps market the brand over a very wide market niche.


They require less time and low effort

Once a business has printed custom shirts and handed them to the customers the work is pretty much done. There is no need for follow-up, training or maintenance. This opens up time for business owners to concentrate on other business matters.


Shirts work for almost every function

Shirts is that they are available in many different types and styles. Businesses can choose shirts for many different events and uses including golf, hockey and soccer to fashion, hunting and keeping comfortable during all the seasons.


They work overtime

Your business branded shirt does not have to be worn at all times for you to achieve the intended goal. Sometimes you can just display it in a strategic place where people can see it and the job is still done.


Talent Market

When a company needs to recruit top talent in the industry custom shirts could help in a big way. Branded logo shirts are seen by very many people of different nature and professions and may catch the attention of some of the best  potential new talent and employees in your industry.


Suitable giveaways for company events, groups and teams

Custom shirts are an easy choice for giveaways. They are suitable for many different occasions and events and all the recipients will be satisfied. Learn how to choose the best t-shirt size breakdown :


Don’t miss the opportunity! Custom shirts are a popular and effective marketing strategy that should be embraced by every company. A single custom shirt can be viewed by more than a hundred people in one day. If one hundred people are wearing these custom shirts, then, thousands of people will be seeing your business brand.


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